Making The Magick Happen
Benny Brown Productions
I am a film writer, film producer, and director. I also have several years experience using Adobe premiere Pro and Adobe audition. From 2008 to 2011 I lived in Los Angeles California, working on films such as, Get Him To The Greek, Just Go With It, Entourage, ER, Dexter, Sons Of Anarchy, Heroes, CSI, and MANY more! That is where I fell in love with wanting to write, direct and produce and is where I gained a lot of my behind-the-camera experienceI ! I worked on all the big studios, WB, Universal Studios, Paramount Studios, CBS, NBC, Nickelodeon, and more! Since then I have finished my seond featured screenplay, and have several more in the works, a horror, action comedy, and more! I am also currently producing a comedy sketch TV show that I am also writing, directing and starring in. I have made more than ten music videos, over thirty short comedy sketches and a handful of comedy songs similar to weird Al yankovic, and now it is time for me to further my voice acting career. In my profile you will find a variety of different demos of my work.
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June 2, 1978
Downtown Benny Brown / Benny Blonco
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5 ft 9
White Boy
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1) The saddest thing in life is wasted talent and the choices you make will shape your life forever - Lorenzo Anello
2) The only place you can go now and forever to hear the truth is the theater - David Mamet
3) The name Hand Hole Productions comes from a way to acknowledge ones struggles in life that we go through, the holes that we fall through and the hand that helps us crawl out of that dark hole and into the light of success. - Benny Brown & David Schwartz
Making The Magick Happen
Benny Brown Productions
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