Follow your heart and everything will fall in place.
Guillermo Alfonso is a film maker born and raised in Miami with a unique style of storytelling. His short documentary Croqueta Nation, executive produced by Emilio Estefan, had its world premiere at Miami Film Festival 2022. He also directed Never Too Late a film about Ulysses "The Monster" Diaz the Miami bareknuckle fighter with the world record for the fastest knock out in sports combat history. The film won best short documentary at Urban Festival, OkCine Latino Festival and Latino Feedback film festival. His love for Miami is evident in the stories he tells about the community. He is currently working on his first feature documentary titled Digital Magic. The film is about the rise of Miami as the hub of the crypto industry and features interviews with some of the city's leaders such as Mayor Suarez, Manny and Melissa Medina, and many others. As a father of 2, Guillermo feels that it is vital to share the important stories of Miami with both his generation and the next generation.
Best Short Documentary 2021
Never Too Late
Urban Film Festival
Miami FL
Birth City
Follow your heart and everything will fall in place.
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Résumé & Attachments
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