«BRIDGES» INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL was established in 2008 in the framework of celebrations of 150 years of the foundation of Corinth. It was held Under the Auspices of Ministry of Transport and Communications in Greece and was organized in cooperation with the Cultural Centre of Corinth. It was greeted by the Minister of Transport and Communication, the Mayor of Corinth, the President of the Cultural Centre and the Prefect of Peloponnesus

The program, apart from the screenings of the Panorama, Competition and other sections included also the screening of a selection of short films by Cine Fantom, especially chosen for Peloponnesian Corinthian International Film Festival. «The main Club in Moscow» – this is how the press refers to CINE FANTOM. This is, however, no wonder for the club with the 20 years history. CINE FANTOM Club has been holding screenings every Wednesday for many years, regardless of weather and political conditions. For many years on, the club has managed to stick to such a weekly format. CINE FANTOM, however has also its own festival, SELECTION, a unique event which aims at promotion and development of young cinema.

The 2nd edition of the festival took place in 2011. On 2009 and 2010 it was cancelled due to national elections that occurred the same period. The opening of the 2nd festival was scheduled on October 14th 2009 with the presence and a live concert by the famous actor of Hollywood, Kevin Costner with his music band Modern West! Unfortunately, the national elections were announced on the 6th of September to be held on the 10th of October and the festival was cancelled. But the concert took place the same day, 14th of October 2009 on the Badminton theater in Athens. http://www.petraterzi.org/kevincostner/
Within the framework of its annual organization Bridges International Film Festival, carries on its close partnership with local authorities and other organizations, willing to provide to such an important aspect of our lives, culture, which is weakened through these hard times we are going through. During the same event, excursions to archeological sites, cruises in Canal of Isthmus and a film poster exhibition took place.

In order to be able to accommodate the needs of the vast number of cinephiles and cinemagoers of Greece, which has proved to be big and varied during past organizations, this year`s festival edition has created Special theme screenings as the «World Cinema – Bridges» section. We focus on films from all over the world about peace, environment, diversity, gender equality and look for short and feature films of all genres that will tell us an interesting point of view. As the BRIDGES International Film festival concurs often with the International Day of People with Disability, a part of our screenings is dedicated to films about human disabilities, under the symbolic title «We can do».
Bridges International Film Festival collaborated with the Cyprus International Film Festival and both present "Women Films" (Director and/or Producer) and "50/50" films with credits 50% men and 50% women.
Furthermore, the audience will have the unique opportunity to watch films by upcoming filmmakers premiering in the festival. Some of the most outstanding feature films created recently are going to compete for the festival`s Grand Prize «Golden Pegasus», which is going to be given to the film indicated by an internationally acclaimed Jury of cinema professionals.
Note: Foreign films with Greek subtitles are eligible to participate in the official program of the International Film Festival "Bridges"

Certificates, medals and the "Golden Pegasus" Statue made by the artist Socrates Lambropoulos.

We invite you to apply for the next edition of our festival (PIFF) with your film(s).
Films produced the last 36 months can participate in the competition section of the festival.

A. PIFF General Categories:
-Feature Films (up to 120 minutes)
-Short Films (up to 20 minutes)
-Animation Films (up to 120 minutes)
-`Nostimon Imar` (Greek cinematographers who live abroad)(up to 120 minutes)
-Comedy Films (up to 120 minutes)
-Dance Films and Music Films – Video Clips (120 minutes max. length)
-Video Art / Experimental (up to 60 minutes)
-Children films (up to120 minutes)
-"Women films" from all over the world (Director and/or Producer)
-"50/50" films with credits 50% men and 50% women

B. PIFF Special Categories:
-Panorama (films out of competition)
-“Bridges" - World Cinema
-"We Can Do" regarding films with/by people with special abilities

Note: Foreign films with Greek subtitles are eligible to participate in the official program of the International Film Festival "Bridges"

Overall Rating
  • Vassiliki Tavla

    Happy and grateful to attend Bridges International Film Festival with my first short film ‘Μετάβαση|Transition’, to have met its wonderful organizer and film director Petra Terzi, her collaborators and a number of passionate participants from Greece and all over the world. It’s been a truly hospitable film festival in the beautiful city of Nafplio, with a variety of carefully and meaningfully selected films, where the love for cinema rules and shines. Honored for the selection and recognition. Best wishes!
    Vassiliki Tavla - Director/Writer - Athens. Greece

    February 2020
  • Bridges IFF was an excellent experience for me! I am happy and proud to have participated and that my screenplay, Desposyni was Officially Selected to be included in the festival. Thank you for that and for all of your great work making the festival happen! I only wish I could have been there... in Greece... for the festivities. Much gratitude, JG

    February 2020
  • Cheryl Halpern

    The Bridges International Film Festival lives up to its name. Through the efforts of Petra Terzi and her staff, bridges were created for participants to professionally and socially engage with one another. In addition, the films chosen to be screened, including the animation for children, provided an opportunity for the Nafplio community to enjoy the festival as well. It was a wonderful artistic and cultural experience.
    Well done and to be continued!

    February 2020
  • Natacha Antonellou Achcar

    Bridges International Film
    Festival a été largement à la hauteur de mon attente par la qualité des films d’une grande variété et créativité artistique qu’il comportaient! Je remercie infiniment Petra Terzi fondatrice de ce festival qui y met son tempérament chaleureux, drastique, novateur, pour faire de ce festival une plate-forme cinématographique d’échange, de communication, de découverte d’univers de cinéma présentés par des réalisateurs venant des quatre coins du monde! Merci Petra Terzi pour cette ambiance que vous
    Créez. lors de ce festival à grandes qualités culturelles que sont: les projections, les interviews, les séances de pitching, le film réalisé in situ par les participants, et les hommages rendus à des personnalités du cinéma Grec. Ce fut un grand bonheur et honneur pour moi de présenter mon film francophone “Hélène de guerre d’amour” Helen of war of Love” dans lequel je montre une belle Hélène actuelle qui tisse son poème d’amour contre les guerres, à Nauplio lieu chargé d’histoire dans mon pays et terre patrie la Grèce! Je recommande vivement Bridges International Film Festival j’y ai fait des rencontres fabuleuses! Les fêtes et cocktails, déjeuners et dîners étaient magnifiques! Merci pour le très beau théâtre de projection et la somptueuse cérémonie de clôture dans la grande salle du premier parlement Grec lors de l’indépendance, merci pour le choix du lieu Nauplie la toute belle en hiver. la particularité de ce Festival consiste en sa générosité chaleureuse conviviale insufflé par la très lumineuse et dynamique Petra Terzi, une femme de passion et d’actions innovatrices voués au septième Art! Toute ma gratitude pour Petra ainsi que pour sa merveilleuse équipe!

    February 2020
    Response from festival:

    Chere Natacha, Merci pour votre participation et votre passion de film creation.
    Bonne chance and nos meilleures voeux pou realiser vos reves.
    Petra Terzi et Bridges dream team!

  • After our initial happiness at being selected nothing else went well. We were very disappointed with the lack of communication. The first emails where short, to the point and cold. We were asked to subtitle our film in Greek for the screening which we did and we sent a downloadable link as asked but after informing Petra the organizer no one was able to attend we never heard back from them. We sent mails and tried to find out what was going on even via Facebook buts it's not in English and there isn't a translation in place yet. All their info is in Greek so not great for international film makers. Getting someone to translate to Greek and then asking for help to burn them onto the film and sending it to the festival on time (we were informed on the 2nd of Jan to have all elements sent before the 10th which we did ) with the other elements, we were also asked to send a screen shot of our 'announcement' on social media, synopsis in Greek, well we believe the minimum would be some sort of communication at least to say if they had received everything. After the festival was over we wrote again to see if it went well. No answer.

    February 2020
    Response from festival:

    Dear Miss Sabine Crossen,

    We are very sorry that you felt such a disappointment with the official selection of your film in our Festival. Unfortunately it is not an online festival but a live screenings festival and if somebody attends gets more benefits. In any case we sent you 6 emails regarding the participation of your film and we never asked for a master but a downloadable link. Festival's announcements in Facebook and webpage are both with Greek and English texts. You can see many photos there to get an idea how the festival was. We are a small but dedicated group of volunteers and staff promoting gender equality in film and independent cinema and until now, we try to wrap up everything, upload and update the social media.

    Your film with Greek subtitles is eligible to participate in the 15th Cyprus International Film Festival which will be held in November in Nicosia. This information is included in the 1st email we sent you via filmfreeway.

    We wish you health and good luck within your film career and be be able to make your dreams true.

    Petra Terzi
    Bridges International Film Festival