The very first BÎ TIĀN IÁNN Shorts Competition celebrates “Taiwanese language“(as its calls “Bân-lâm-gú”) culture, it’s dedicated to fostering Taiwanese language, and we encourage people to explores the Taiwanese unique local cultures through moving-camera lens, as the same time to enrich Taiwan film industry by showing more dimensions of Taiwan.

It’s calling diversity of short storytelling, no matter your short is documentary, drama, experimental or animated shorts, as long as your talented short work is 3 minute lengths (or less than 3 minutes), and the short film presents more than 80 % Taiwanese dialogues. Everyone (no matter the ages or nationalities) could submit your film for Free till 15th April, 2020.

The nominate shorts will screen in Taipei, Taiwan in June, 2020.

BÎ TIĀN IÁNN will select a first prize rewards NTD $200,000 for each group.
2 Merit awards reward NTD $50,000 for each group.
3 honourable awards NTD $10,1000 for professional group, 3 honourable awards NTD $5,000 for general group.
1 Audience choice Award rewards NTD 10,000.

● There is no restrict the competitors's ages and nationalities, no matter you are a student, a group of filming crew, or a foreigner has been learning Taiwanese language, we accept ALL the short works with Taiwanese dialogue(at least 80% of the shorts).

● We accept documentary shorts, animated shorts, drama, music videos, experimental shorts, etc.

● The shorts must show subtitle with Mandarin or Taiwanese.

● Accepting the short film's format: 1920*1080, avi, mpeg, mp4

● It's calling 3 minutes (or less than 3 minutes) shorts.

● The shorts MUST have the Intellectual Property.

● Submmit your shorts here: