BISFF is supported by BFA (Beijing Film Academy) and Youth Production Studio. We have our main screenings in UCCA in 798 art zone and cinema in Institut Français.

In BISFF, we have three basic parts in our festival.

1, Projections

We honorably present six official selections.

Nebula for the international fiction short films,
Fresco for the international non-fiction short films,
Mirage for the international experimental short films,
Marée for the Chinese independent short films,
Halo for the Chinese film school short films,
Résonance for the Chinese restore short films.

We also have special screening for different subjects.

2, Arts Projets
Exhibitions, Streets Installations, happenings, projections outdoor, we have different projets this year. Make the definition of short film more abundant and flexible.

3, Culture Events
We also scheme culture events, some of them are really serious and academic, some are really naughty and daring.

BISFF takes place in Beijing every autumn. Born and tied to the destiny of this city, nurtured in the unique cultural environment of Beijing where sprouts a more than geographical connection. Seemingly detached, however observant and caring to all. Everywhere, sometimes ascending skyward, sometimes found wandering the streets. A poster child of genuine freedom and avant-garde sense in the so called Beijing-style. Full of emotion, but always with a clear attitude.

BISFF is rooted in Beijing, China however its far reaching branches extend all over the world absorbing nutrients and inspiration from all walks of life. Back to the ancient way of communication, using the radiance of the work itself, transporting messages between different cultures. Refuses to fly alone without unity. Refuses to discuss alone without connecting the world. L'internationale’(International) is no longer just a methodology, a metaphysical, but also a prerequisite, a state being.

BISFF uses short films which are identified as having a deficient catalogue both in terms of the narrative and in recognition here in China. This time, those who hold a weak hand but are brave enough to kick against the bastards, to shake the tree; those who are courageous enough to break the cocoon and become a weightless butterfly; those who are intelligent enough to portray their amber like fleeting inspirations, are gathering together to outline the essence and the original appeal of short films. – The free environment enables us to experience more adventures; the dramatic tension enables us to use our imaginations to reach out to every corner of minds; the unadulterated willfulness enables us to learn how to cry and how to chase our dreams.


Nebula selection showcases short films from all over the world, which will be screened in 5 to 7 sections. In general, ‘Nebula’ celebrates narrative and fictional shorts, with evident storytelling structures and an intention of portraying figures. ‘Nebula’ accepts content that is 30 minutes or under.


Fresco selection showcases 15 short films from all over the world, which will be screened in 3-5 sections. Generally speaking, they tend expressive methods more to a documentary, authentic and auctorial. We limit the length of short films in 'Fresco' selection under 60 minutes.


Mirage Selection presents experimental short films from around the world. This content brings together the shorts with keen awareness and strong presentation of authorship, which are difficult to be categorized under certain genres or styles. Some of the titles in this selection will be combined with art projects in other forms, making them even more tridimensional and vivid.


We also select short films in greater China area to form Marée selection. 'Marée' is a special section, only for Chinese-language films and Chinese filmmakers. This selection showcases shorts of various themes and forms: fiction, non-fiction, experimental or the films wandering among the three.


Halo selection is scholastic, young and vibrant. We select short films from film schools in China to constitute 1 sections. Film schools have been playing one of the most important roles of short film production in China for a long time, and moreover, many talented young filmmakers begin their brilliant journeys from their schooltime. They will surely become the pillars of our time.


We decided to select 10 significant short films in Chinese film history to create Résonance selection. Some of them established some sort of film style or some kind of unique aesthetic system. They had became some kind of prophet of our time in a certain way.