Students are to demonstrate their overall ability and knowledge of photography. They must submit 1 photo for each of the listed styles of Photography within the given time frame. Each photo must be accompanied by the original unedited version.

BC Skills Canada gives Gold, Silver, and Bronz medal every year to the top three photographers.

• The competition will run for a maximum of 6 hours (9:00 am - 3:00 pm).

Skills & Knowledge to be tested:
o Composition
o Usage of Light
o Creativity (unique ideas)
o Post-Production (Photo editing)

• Each competitor will create a folder with his/her name on it:

• Within the main folder, the competitor must create a folder for each category.

1. Portrait

2. Event Photography
3. Flash Photography

4. Mystery Object

5. Composite Editing in Photoshop
• Each submission should be exported in high res JPG at 300ppi
• The competitor will name each JPG with the corresponding sequence:
“1A_Portrait_FirstnameLastname.JPG, 1B_PortraitUnedited_FirstnameLastname.JPG, etc.”
A = original photo, B = edited photo