BASH - Bay Area Shorts Film Festival, the Annual BASH Film Festival will continue its tradition of showcasing a diverse sampling of BAY AREA made shorts and mini features, award-winning directors along with amateurs breaking in the industry and blowing everyone away. From EPIC Comedies, Horrors to Serious Dramas, and Documentaries our selections are eclectic and all across the board!!!!

Audience choice winners for each section will compete to win Best of 2020 during our MMTB Screening at the end of the night (Winning Filmmakers Get Two Free Passes). Winners will be announced at the end of the night and given their 2020 BASH Award.

(If you are a student, check out BASH for Students at


Operated by Landmark since 1994. The building that the Albany Theatre occupies was built in the 1920s, originally as a meeting hall and then a dance hall with live music. In 1935, the building was converted to the new home of the Albany Theatre, which had occupied a small one-story wooden building down the block since around 1914. Structurally it stayed much the same over the years, until the conversion of the balcony into the second auditorium in 1979. More recent improvements have both helped to regain some of the classical charm of the Albany as well as to ensure that everyone has a state of the art movie-going experience. Located in the heart of Albany, and acting as a centerpiece for the downtown area, the Albany is in easy walking distance of a wide variety of eating establishments, from a whole host of different culinary traditions.

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PARKING: Ample free street parking is available. A parking lot positioned behind the theatre is available after 1:00pm on weekdays and all day on weekends as well. (The entrance to the parking lot is on Kains, a one way street.)

Public Transportation: The closest Bart station is the El Cerrito Plaza, which requires a one mile walk south down San Pablo until you reach Solano. Turn Left on Solano. The 18, 72, 72M, 72R, 800 and the G AC transit lines will get you to the Albany or within a block of the Albany.

Audience choice winners will get a Trophy and continue to screen a few more times throughout the year at our various festivals throughout the Bay! All finalists that haven't participated in our film challenges get 2 free passes to a future production challenge of their choice.


**Important to fill out the filmmaker info for the submission, if it is not stated with proof, or clearly made in the Bay Area or 60 mile radius, it will be automatically put in the 'no' pile. Films won't be watched all the way through if it is not clear within a few minutes or, if not stated in the info section of the film. STRICTLY Bay Area.. Thanks!

-MUST BE MORE CURRENT (preference goes to films within 1-2 years old) and NOT RELEASED PUBLICLY

Overall Rating
  • This is a little festival that deserves support and growth. Most of the films were worth seeing and the convivial atmosphere lent itself to connecting with other filmmakers. Here's hoping BASH continues to expand and prosper!

    July 2018
  • My first time submitting into BASH and I had the chance to win best film this year (2018) and I am very grateful ! Loved coming out and supporting as well being involved in the bay area film community. This event is something I will absolutely be returning next year.

    July 2018
  • This festival was fantastic...Great films and great audience participation...definitely a film festival worth entering!!!

    July 2017