BAICFF is an annual Playdate for the Imagination™ where education and imagination collide. The festival offers families a cinematic view of the world’s varied cultures and traditions. The films inspire curiosity and conversation, and allow children to experience a wide range of cultural perspectives.

BAICFF is held in partnership with Chabot Space and Science Center. The leading space science educational institution in the Oakland / East Bay Area of California. This relationship allows us to offer a unique experience for our audiences of not only showcasing wonderful family films from all over the world but also educational opportunities in film but also in science, technology and innovation.

BAICFF aims to inspire and engage our audience.

The Children's Choice Award is given for each block of short films. Saturday Films for All Ages, Saturday films For 7 and Up, Sunday Films for All Ages, Sunday Films for 7 and Up. The winner receives a certificate and laurels. All films selected for the shorts programs: Saturday Films for All Ages, Saturday films For 7 and Up, Sunday Films for All Ages, Sunday Films for 7 and Up are automatically in competition.

Films may be live-action or animated.
All entries not originally in English must be subtitled or dubbed in English
Film content should be creative and demonstrate artistic and technical skill.
Content should speak positively to children of diverse backgrounds and cultures. We look for films that provide strong role models for both boys and girls.
Stories should be culturally authentic, timely, and of universal appeal to young
audiences. We especially appreciate plot lines that are child-driven.
Entries to the Festival should be made for, about or by children.
Films should not contain gratuitous violence, nudity, or profanity.

The festival is expanding. All films submitted and accepted into the festival could potentially be shown multiple times. The primary showing at the main festival and for outreach and promotion of the festival, leading up to and after the festival. In addition a best of the festival compilation will be made to be shown at our partner festival - The Festival of Curiosity in Dublin Ireland - and for promotion for the following year's festival. The filmmaker will be notified if included in this compilation and can of course use this information to promote their film.

Overall Rating
  • I'm so happy that my film YA film was selected to be screened at the festival. Now it's been screened on the east and west coast of the USA, in Barbados, Australia and in Europe.

    June 2018
  • Clara Hsu

    Nice Festival!
    It's great to be one of the screened film in this festival!

    March 2017