Présidente du Jury 2023 : Jasna Kohoutova



Festival de cinéma international

Bénéficiant d’une aura culturelle nationale et internationale, Avignon se dote de son festival de cinéma grâce à une programmation prestigieuse. Pour cette première édition, le cinéma fantastique et asiatique sont à l'honneur.



International Film Festival

Benefiting from a national and international cultural aura, Avignon has its own film festival thanks to a prestigious program. For this first edition, fantasy and Asian cinema are in the spotlight.


EN : WAIVER CODES: The festival is organized with the help of volunteers AND on the organizers' own funds. We have to pay service providers. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to respond favorably to the very high demand for codes.

FR : WAIVER CODES : Le festival est organisé grâce à l'aide de bénévoles ET sur les fonds propres des organisateurs. Nous devons payer des prestataires de services. Il nous est malheureusement impossible de répondre favorablement à la très grande demande de codes.

Categories & Fees (40)

Best Feature Film
Best Short Film

Best Director Feature Film (M/F)
Best Director Short Film (M/F)

Best Experimental Feature Film
Best Experimental Short Film

Best Drama Feature Film
Best Drama Short Film

Best Comedy Feature Film
Best Comedy Short Film

Best Fantasy Feature Film
Best Fantasy Short Film

Best Thriller Feature Film
Best Thriller Short Film

Best Action / Adventure Feature Film
Best Action / Adventure Short Film

Best Horror Feature Film
Best Horror Short Film

Best Animation Feature Film
Best Animation Short Film

Best Documentary

Best Editing Feature Film
Best Editing Short Film

Best Score / OST / Composer / Soundtrack Feature Film
Best Score / OST / Composer / Soundtrack Short Film

Best Cast Feature Film
Best Cast Short Film

Best Actor in Feature Film
Best Actor in Short Film

Best Actress in Feature Film
Best Actress in Short Film

Best Supporting Actor in Feature Film
Best Supporting Actor in Short Film

Best Supporting Actress in Feature Film
Best Supporting Actress in Short Film

Best Screenwriter Feature Film
Best Screenwriter Short Film

Best Poster Feature Film
Best Poster Short Film


Once you submit your project, it will be reviewed by our screeners team.
Film rating will be based on originality and creativity, direction, writing, cinematography, performances, production value, pacing, structure, sound & music.
Films with the highest scores will be part of the Official Selection and will receive an email notification with the corresponding laurel.
Non-Selected films will also receive an email from FilmFreeway on the notification date.

All Official Selection movies will be watched and reviewed by our Jury who will select the winners.

At the end of the online screening, the winners of each category will be announced.
All the main category winners will be automatically selected for our annual Live Event in the wonderful city of Avignon.

Each winner will be notified via email from FilmFreeway and AIFF, and we will attach a personalized achievement certificate, as well as the Official Laurels.
Winners will be announced on our website in the WINNERS section and promoted on our social media!

Rules & Terms

Films must have been completed in the past 3 years.
The applicant holds the sole responsibility of copyright clearance of any copyrighted material in the film.
The festival has the right to use a trailer, stills, pics and posters for promotional purposes in various film magazines, social media, websites, etc.

Entry fees are non-refundable since our programmers need to evaluate each project twice.
English or French subtitles are required for foreign language films.
Shorts must be less than 50 minutes. All projects over 50 minutes should submit to the feature category.
The festival will only communicate with the submitter of the film project.