The 48 Hour Film Project is a wild and sleepless weekend in which you and a team make a movie - write, shoot, and edit - in just 48 hours. On Friday night, teams draw a genre from a hat. They are then given a character, prop and line to include in their films. On Sunday night, in a wild dash to the drop off event, the film is turned in - and teams celebrate. The film is then screened at a local theater in front of an audience of filmmakers, friends and families.

There are several awards judged by local film professionals for things such as Best Acting, Best Music, Best Use of a Prop, Best Special Effect, etc. The overall Best Film goes on to Filmapalooza (aka "Filma") where it will compete against all 150+ other cities' winners from around the globe. There is also an Audience Choice that all submitted films, even late submissions, can compete for.

Filma is more than an awards-event for the winners. It's a life-changing experience for independent filmmakers of every skill level, a terrific opportunity to see what other communities and cultures are creating, and to network with filmmakers from all over the world! The Top Films from Filmapalooza head directly to Cannes where they are screened in front of a global audience!

In a nutshell, teams MUST create all aspects of their film (royalty-free music and STATIC stock images excepted) between 7pm Friday night and 7:30pm Sunday night. use of pre-written scripts or pre-recorded footage will result in disqualification. Teams are allowed to scout locations, recruit cast and crew (volunteer only -- no pay*), even have general IDEAS about their plotlines, but nothing so organized as an outline. Hyper-creativity and personal challenge are the "meat & potatoes" of this competition -- awards are merely icing on the cake.

*The reason for this is to level the playing field between professional and amateur. SAG allows union talent in the 48 Hour Film Project and provides us with special paperwork for SAG talent to sign in order to participate.

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