The AGFF is an all-new film festival based in Melbourne, Australia but is open to submissions from domestic and international writers and filmmakers. As a writer-based festival, Aussie Gold is revolved around the creatives of writing for film and television. Upon the fair judging of screenplays by three experienced judges (features and shorts), the AGFF has expanded to accepting film mediums in both long form and short form submissions.

The judging panel have a soul focus of seeking out creative writing quality within these projects, with an aim to return cinema back to its roots with writer-driven stories and narratives.

Although, writing is the encouraged focus of this festival, here in Australia, we heavily encourage and support the inclusion of Australia’s First People and submissions from the Aboriginal Community.

The idea is to feel something and impact the audience, rather than watch a film based around the actor, the sheer concept, or simply being based on an overuse of CGI. Aussie Gold Film Festival is built to convey a story that can express quality through the writer’s eyes.


- Introduction to the Aussie Gold Film Festival by Special Guest speaker.

- Showcase of: Short Film Winner, Runner-Up, Third-Place and Honourable Mentions.

- Showcase of: Preview-versions of Feature Winner, Runner-Up, Third-Place and Honourable Mentions.

- Showcase of: Short and Feature Animation Winners and Runners-Up.

- Showcase of: Documentary Winner (Preview-version if Long Form)

- Showcase of: TV Series Pilot Winner.

- Showcase of: Animation/Motion Design Winner.

- Showcase of: VR and Interactive/Games Winner.

- Showcase of: Student Project Winner and Runner-Up.

- Showcase of: Music Video Winner and Runner-Up.

- Showcase of: LGBTQI+ Project Winner and Runner-Up.

- Showcase of First Nations/Aboriginal Content Winner and Runner-Up.

- Award Ceremony for Winners of all categories, including screenplay categories.

- The ‘Sergio Leone’ prize will be awarded to a special, standout project that deserves individual praise and acknowledgment.

- Finally, three short excerpts from the Screenplay Winner, Runner-Up and Third-Place screenplays will be read aloud before the event comes to a close.

-- All winners will also be posted to the official website and social media pages --

All entrants are welcome to participate.

All participants must have created the project themselves and own the rights or have obtained permission from the owner of the content for submission.

Any genres accepted and considered.

All ages are welcome to enter.

Students are encouraged to participate and will receive a discounted submission fee via Film Freeway.

Entries will not be disclosed with any party outside the festival unless given permission to do so.

No refunds will be given under any circumstances.

Changes to screenplays and films are accepted before the current entry deadline. If changes to submitted work is required and if the deadline has passed, the entrant will be required to submit their work as a new submission.