The Artifact Small Format Film Festival (formerly the $100 Film Festival) is Calgary’s oldest film festival, and one of the only ones in the world to EXCLUSIVELY screen Super 8 and 16mm films.

When the festival was born in 1992, it showcased eight short films on Super 8. The name sprung from the challenge to shoot a short film on four rolls of Super 8 – which tallied to the cost of $100. In following years, the festival dropped the budgetary limit and allowed 16 mm film, which shifted the focus from low budget to quality small-format films. Thus, the name was changed to the Artifact Small Format Film Festival in 2017 so as to better represent the festival's role as an international celebration of creative story telling on celluloid.

Over the years, Artifact has expanded to include the popular Film/Music Explosion!, commission projects, and various partnerships.

Artifact is proud to be among the select few celluloid festivals worldwide that continue to keep the medium alive, and to draw celluloid lovers to Calgary each year.

To honour the creativity and ingenuity of the talented filmmakers in the Artifact Small Format Film Festival, we are excited to offer cash awards with support from our Award Sponsors. Our jury of industry professionals will evaluate technical skill, innovation, thematic concepts and originality. Awards will be presented in the following categories:

- Best of Alberta
- Best 16mm Film
- Best Super 8 Film
- Audience Choice

- All genres are accepted
- The film MUST be a Super 8 or 16mm film original/print. We require a digital copy of the film for jurying (actual digital scan of the film, or even a video of the film being projected on a wall/screen is fine). If accepted, the film original/print must be shipped to Artifact
- Under 22 minutes
- Official release date after December 1, 2016

For 16mm:
- Sound: Silent, mp3 (with sync instructions), or optical sound

For Super 8
- Sound: Silent, Mag. Strip, or mp3 (with sync instructions),

- Films should have AT LEAST 10 feet of leader
- Each film must be clearly labeled with running speed (18 or 24 fps), length, title and name of filmmaker
- Films must be submitted head out and leaders clearly labelled

The Programming Jury selects films from submitted entries, and a separate jury of artists and professionals from the film community selects award recipients. Entries are judged on their creative content, and on innovative uses of celluloid film.

Artifact pays artist fees for all works selected for the festival (based on IMAA rates). If your film is selected for exhibition, you will be asked to ship the ORIGINAL FILM OR A FILM PRINT (Super 8 or 16mm) to Artifact a few weeks before the festival. The Artifact Short Format Film Festival will make every attempt to avoid any damage to your film, but cannot provide any guarantee. At the completion of the festival, your film will be shipped back to you, pre-paid, via UPS.

Extracts and stills from selected films may be used to advertise the Festival in local print, radio or television media, and on the Festival website.

Overall Rating
  • Scott Fitzpatrick

    LOVE FOR $100 4 EVER 5 STARS

    October 2018
  • Stefan Möckel

    One of the best Film Festivals, I love it

    July 2018
  • Jeffery Chong

    I'm so glad I made the trip to Calgary to attend. It's a real treat to see all the programmed films projected exclusively on film. The organizers and programmers are super accommodating and friendly. I hope I can go again.

    June 2018
  • Josephine Massarella

    Artifact Small Format Film Festival is an excellent festival. Strongly recommended!

    April 2018
  • Dan Browne

    Great festival, would highly recommend!

    March 2018