Welcome to ARCTIC OPEN International Film Festival!
Now heading into our fourth season, we are happy to open the Fest for submissions.

ARCTIC OPEN is looking to showcase the feature films, short films, and documentaries released in 2020 and 2021 and relating to the history and culture of the Nordic countries, indigenous peoples, the challenges of today’s world, and fragile nature of the Arctic. The sort of films that tell a story and would make people think. Or laugh, or cry, shock or surprise.

ARCTIC OPEN screens local and international professional or first time filmmakers, celebrating the best in Arctic-related filmmaking from across the globe. All submissions are free of charge.

Spread over 4 days in December 2021, ARCTIC OPEN will involve public screenings in three cities of Archangel Province, Russia, as well as networking events, a pitching round table, a workshop on how to start/run a film club, retrospectives, a closing party and awards event that brings together journalists, film producers and media professionals.

With three nominations (Best Feature Length Film, Best Short Film, and Best Documentary), ARCTIC OPEN aims to:

1. Select and promote the best films made in 2020 or 2021 by filmmaking teams in the Arctic countries and globally.

2. Provide filmmakers an opportunity to interact with their audience via Q&A sessions at screenings (live), social events and sponsorship events.

3. Provide networking opportunities for members of the film community.

4. Provide educational opportunities for audience members who appreciate the effort that goes into making a quality film.

5. Give filmmakers and production teams a chance to travel to a destination known for its Northern Russian hospitality and once being Russia’s first and only gateway to Europe, and to try Pomor cuisine.

The films that will land our official selection and non-competition program will get the option of distribution through the Festival’s events and campaigns. We offer publicity across a wide range of regional and federal media (print and social).

The winners will be awarded with ARCTIC OPEN statuettes, special prizes, diplomas, or valuable presents.

Physical Awards (official selection):
Best Feature Length Film (top award)
Best Short Film (top award)
Best Documentary (top award)
Best Feature Length Film Director
Best Feature Length Film Scriptwriter
Best Feature Length Film Camerawork
Best Short Film Director
Best Short Film Scriptwriter
Best Short Film Camerawork
Best Documentary Director
Best Documentary Camerawork
Best Documentary Script


Special prizes from sponsors:
Best Debut Film
Loiter Creative Thinking Award
‘The Arctic As It Is’ Award (from the Russian Arctic National Park)
Honorable Mention
Best Contribution to Russian Filmmaking Industry

Hosted by the city of Archangel, ARCTIC OPEN is an extended, competitive presentation of the films pre-shortlisted by its selection panel.

The Film Festival welcomes feature length films, short films, and documentaries released in 2020 or 2021. The shortlisted films will be screened via DCP/MPG files.

All Russian films submitted for preview by the shortlisting panel must have English subtitles, and all international releases must have Russian subtitles.

All submissions are free of charge.

The body responsible for shortlisting the films is the shortlisting panel. It reserves its right to withhold comments or explanations as to reasons for rejection.

It is a requirement that each of the films on the Film Festival’s official selection has a representative present at the Film Festival.

ARCTIC OPEN undertakes to cover the participants’ accommodation and catering expenses throughout the duration of ARCTIC OPEN’s official showings and cultural and business programs.

The winners will be awarded with ARCTIC OPEN statuettes, special prizes, diplomas, or valuable presents.

Participation in ARCTIC OPEN International Film Festival implies understanding and acceptance of its regulations and requirements for this submission.

For full regulations and requirements please go to http://fbereginya.com/en/festival-arctic/reglament/

Overall Rating
  • Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen

    Thank you so much for screening my doc film The Reindeer belong to the Wind in non-competitive selection. It was a pleasure to communicate with the festival audience via zoom and hear comments about the film from you and the Canadian ambassador to Russia Alison LeClaire. What a valuable experience. I would love to visit your festival in near future when the current global pandemic is just a memory.

    December 2021
  • Nikolaos Falcone Georgiadis

    Great Festival with big passion in the filmworld and good active comunication with the filmmakers. Nice organised and with proffesional touch. Bravo!

    December 2021
  • best festival, was one of the absolute highlights of 2019!

    January 2020
  • We was happy to be part of this film festival. The great festival! There are a lot of cinema halls and a huge amount of spectators.

    December 2019
  • Daria Binevskaya

    It was wonderful!!! Thank you!!

    December 2019