Anilogue is an annual international animation festival taking place in Budapest, Hungary. The festival presents a whole week of animation, packed with feature premieres, sneak previews, workshops, a competition of European animated short films and numerous special programmes including a seven hours long animated show, concerts and cartoon exhibitions.

The official competition of the festival is open for European animated short films with a maximum length of 20 minutes and feature length animated films above 50 minutes in duration.

Best of Anilogue Award
Audience Award

By signing the Entry Form or entering works online via FilmFreeway, the producers and rights holders accept the Regulations of the Festival as described hereunder.
Anilogue International Animation Festival is a gathering for animation professionals, directors, representatives of related arts and the public. Anilogue is an annual festival taking place in Budapest and Vienna, and is organized by SzimplaFilm Ltd.

Films can be entered for Anilogue if they correspond to the definition of animation given by the International Animated Film Association in an extraordinary General Meeting in Zagreb on 19.6.1980: “The art of animation involves the creation of animated images using various techniques other than live action.” Films using these techniques mixed with live action are also accepted. Anilogue reserves the right to show films made by other techniques if they are deemed to be worthy of interest within the framework of the Festival.

a) International Competition of Short Animated Film: European animated films completed after January 1, 2021 and with running time of less than 20 minutes are eligible.
b) International Competition of Short Animated Films for Children: European animated films completed after January 1, 2021 and with running time of less than 20 minutes are eligible.
c) International Competition of Extra Short Animated Film: European animated films completed after January 1, 2021 and with running time of less than 1,5 minutes are eligible.
d) International Competition of Feature Length Animated Film: animated films completed after January 1, 2021 and with running time of more than 50 minutes are eligible. Films must have their Hungarian premiere at the Festival.
e) Out of Competition: animated films, regardless of their geographical origin, length and production date. Films are selected on account of their interest.

Entry conditions
There is no registration fee for films entered for the Festival.
Only films that have not been submitted to the previous editions of the Festival are eligible for entry.
A Selection Committee appointed by SzimplaFilm will be responsible for selecting films to be shown at the Festival, reserving the right to determine the appropriate category for each entry submitted.

Entry Procedures
Producers entering films for selection provide the Festival with a link to preview the entry, and a fully completed Entry Form via FilmFreeway.
Deadline for sending the Entry Form and preview video is October 1, 2021. In order to be considered, the materials need to arrive to the Festival office by the deadline.
Registration of films is considered definite once the registration form has been duly completed and received by the Festival organisers along with the appropriate preview video.
Registration implies that, the signatory undertakes to provide the Festival with a final screening copy, if the film is selected by the Festival.

Additional materials once the film is selected
Producers of films selected are requested to provide: synopsis of the film, biography and filmography of the director, one photo of the director and stills from the film via email ( Stills must be in Jpeg format, resolution 300 dpi. For films that contain dialogue, a list of dialogues in English, or an English subtitle list is also required.

Number of screenings
No films included in the sections of the Festival will be shown at more than three public screenings for long feature and no more than four public screenings for short films. SzimplaFilm undertakes to request written authorization from the producer in the case of any additional screenings whatsoever, either within the framework of the Festival, or outside it.

Language versions of prints
The Festival requires original language versions subtitled in English. If necessary the Festival will organize simultaneous interpretation of dialogues or digital subtitling projected below the film screen.

Format of prints
Films should, wherever possible, be provided in their original format. The Festival accepts DCP, 35-mm prints, Blu-ray, MPEG-4 (specifics to be confirmed before sending); stereoscopic footage must be compatible with Dolby 3D system.

State of physical screening copies
The producer undertakes to provide the screening materials in good quality. The Festival will take every care handling screening materials and reserves the right to cancel screening if materials are considered to be sub-standard. The Festival cannot be held responsible for damage of materials due to usual wear and tear.

Transportation costs of selected films
The participants should bear the cost of transportation to the Festival, as well as customs clearances. The Festival will bear the costs of storage and insurance of all selected films. Insurance of prints runs from the time of arrival at the Festival offices until the moment of receipt by forwarding agent for return.

Unwarranted films
In no case will the Festival accept responsibility for paying freight charges, customs duties, storage or other costs for prints it has not requested, but which have been sent to the Festival.

Return of festival screening materials
The Festival undertakes to return prints to the person responsible no later than 15 working days after the end of the Festival. Unless the festival receives written instructions to do otherwise prior to the festival dates, prints are returned to the address specified on the Entry Form. If a request is made to send the print to a country, which is not its country of origin, and not the address specified on the Entry Form, the festival reserves the right to invoice for additional costs incurred in sending it to another country.

Use of excerpts of selected films
Unless specifically requested to do otherwise, the Festival will use excerpts of maximum 3 minutes or 10 percent of running time (whichever is less) of the selected films to promote the event to the general public.

Iconographical documents
The Festival undertakes to use photographic material or other documents related to films entered for the Festival solely within the framework of the Festival and its promotion in the media. Unless specifically requested by the producer(s) to do otherwise, all documents will be stored in the Festival's archives.

Awards and Prizes
An international jury composed of media and animation professionals is appointed to consider films in the International Competition of Short Animated Film and Animated Feature categories for the Best of Anilogue Award 2021.
Based on the votes given by Festival audience, the organizing committee will award the Anilogue Audience Award 2022.
The prizes are awarded at the festival closing ceremony in Budapest.
The festival’s partners may offer additional prizes to films of their choice. Any sums of money or in-kind services the Festival’s partners offer will be subject to contractual agreement between the said partners and the prize-winners. Under no circumstances may the festival be held responsible for any non-fulfillment of clauses in the afore-mentioned contracts.

Unforeseen cases
All films submitted must comply with the conditions cited here. The Festival is empowered to settle all other cases unforeseen by the current rules and regulations. Participation in the Festival implies acceptance of the current rules and regulations. Should any contestation arise, the court based near the Festival organizers (Budapest Court) has sole jurisdiction.

Mailing address:
Keleti Károly 30-32
1024 Budapest
Email for online submissions:

Tel/fax: +36 20 5858 321

Overall Rating
  • ordnajelA zenìtraM

    I had the best of experiences when I was invited to attend the festival for the selection of my film. The Anilogue team could not have been more generous and kinder to me.

    December 2022
  • Christina Demenshina

    Thanks for showing our animation "Make Her Dance" during your wonderful festival. We hope the audience enjoyed our funny Vulvani Vagini and her stories about sexual education.

    December 2022
  • Thank you for the festival!

    December 2022
  • wonderful festival lots of great films :)

    January 2021
  • Really great to have my work selected and shown at the Anilogue International Animation Festival and hope that you show some of my recent work next year in Budapest. Thanks again.

    December 2020