AniScreen is an all year long continuously active non-profit organization from Prague, Czech Republic focusing on promotion and popularizing of independent artistic authorial animation.

We aim to bring new audiences to our very special, original and carefully curated site-specific or thematically focused screenings of independent animated shorts in mostly non-cinema locations.

We screened for example a curated selection of short animated films about hair in a hair salon, animation based on a literature in a bookshop, Japanese animated shorts in a Japanese restaurant etc.

We also collaborate with many international animation festivals (e.g. Tricky Women festival in Vienna, Fest Anča in Slovakia, Primanima in Hungary, ScreenCity festival in Stavanger, Norway etc.) where we curate special thematic programs. The student animation of young upcoming animators is especially dear to our heart so we try to include some of their work in every AniScreen event.

Since our start in January 2015 AniScreen successfully organized more than 30 different screenings of curated selections of independent animated shorts in and we travelled with our screenings all around the world (New York City, Harvard University in Boston, Vienna, Budapest, Prague, Canterbury in England, Michigan University in Ann Arbor etc.).

If you like our concept and the idea behind AniScreen, submit your animated film and become a part in our goal to promote the independent artistic animation all around the world.

As a true non-profit organization, AniScreen can’t unfortunately offer any monetary prices but we will always try our best to promote your film and the screening where your film will be included so it can be introduced to the biggest new audience possible.

AniScreen is looking only for independent animated films.