January 2018 : #14th edition in competition !
All our previous winners are listed on our website : https://americantracksmusicawards.wordpress.com/
The American Tracks Music Awards is an international contest to select the best motivated and creative artists from all over the world.

We accept songs, sounds, each kind of track, any genres.
The best of the best will be asked to feature in a live event on May 9th in Los Angeles, and the groundbreaking artists may be in touch with a management company with a branch in Los Angeles and Paris.

Best American song
Best International Song
Best lyrics
Best music
Best cover
Best original song for a film
Best film score
Best independent artist
Best signed artist
Best female performer
Best male performer
Best DJ
Best Remix
Artist revelation (Under 21)

Once a year, in May, takes place the annual live event and award ceremony of Talent Factory, that organize several festivals in Paris and Los Angeles.

The American Tracks Music Awards will feature in the program as the only musical event of the night.

All selected artists, accepted projects, quarter finalists, semi finalists, finalists and winners will be granted a free pass to the night.

A selection of the winners will be invited by the festival to perform during the grand opening of the night, and during the after party/cocktail.

Winners of all December to April editions will be called on stage to claim their certificate awards.

All will have access to the complete event and will have the opportunity to meet filmmakers and artists from all over the world and make connections.

Awards & Prizes

Awards and Prizes include :

- Your winning track to be sent to a Management agency
- Feature on a live entertainment event in Los Angeles, May 4th (for some of the best winners of the year depending on submissions)
- A winning certificate to each winner
- Your song and/or music video listed on our entertainment platform (if you want to)
- Winners to be included on a Press Release sent to mainstream and specific press
- Winners to be listed on our platform cover page

Our Awards are distributed every month.

Rules & Terms

Entries are non refundable.

If you submit to Best Cover your submission must specify the original song and artist.
If you submit to Best original song for a film and Best film score, your submission must specify the movie attached (title, director, link to official page...)
If you submit to Best signed artist your submission must specify your label (with link to website).
If you submit to Artist revelation (Under 21), you must be under 21 years old, and send a proof of that, attached to the FilmFreeway submission as a picture.

This is NOT a music video contest. We do NOT accept Music Videos, only sound tracks.
Please do not submit with a video, prefer to submit with a TRACK. If video is your only option, make your video black with only the sound of your track, or with no motion at all but the cover art of your song.

Each entry must have a song title, and an artist or band name attached.
We appreciate to have a cover or artwork so we can promote you.

Each track must be no longer than 5 minutes.

You may choose the category you submit to. You can submit to multiple categories.

Sound quality : we do accept studio, live, demos. Please ask yourself : do my track will be appreciated as it is by the professional people who will listen to it ?

Format : we prefer .mp3. We accept .wav and professional formats as flac and aac. If you choose another format than mp3, we may ask you to send the mp3 in addition for easiest sharing.

We accept all langages.
Non-english lyrics must come with a translation. This translation must be the closest to the meaning of the lyrics. Meaning a translation do NOT have to rhyme.

Each winner will receive its certificate and informations by e-mail.

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    Natalie Jean

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