A curated online film platform geared to showcase the work produced by Film and Media Arts Students.

Join us to honor film students and their accomplishments as well as to expand everyone's knowledge and skills through online seminars; video tutorials; interviews; chats...

Born during the COVID-19 pandemic, this showcase seeks to remain and continue to celebrate the work of students around the globe well after the world goes back to “normal”.

TBD - TBA depending on quality of work and jury panel's decisions.

- All submissions are free.

- Only Short Films or Projects with a running time of 30 minutes or less will be accepted. For interactive-based content, the main experience should be substantially "resolved" within 30 minutes.

- At the time of production, filmmakers must be students at a Higher Education Institution from the United States or Spain.

WHY SPAIN AND THE US? We attended film school in Spain and the United States, therefore we want to serve as a platform to students in both countries. We also have a deeper understanding of how these two educational systems work, which allows us to better factor the specific idiosyncrasies that each student faces depending on the educational system they are in.

- If the submitted film is in a language different from English, it must be subtitled in English.

- All films (rejected and selected) will be offered feedback (only upon request). Our goal is to help young filmmakers get better at the art of movie making. While art can, and must, be subjective, we are passionate mentors and want this platform to help students' grow and understand how a film festival works.

- Submissions made by students enrolled in institutions outside of Spain or the United States will be immediately disqualified.

- Selected Films will go live on www.alonetogether.site.

- Films will be screened online ONLY for the duration of the festival.

- If a filmmaker fails to send the exhibition copy of their film (in time and as requested) will be dropped from the festival.

- AloneTogether Fest reserves the right to disqualify any submission, even after a film has been invited. All decisions made, selections and rejections are final and at the sole discretion of the festival staff.

Overall Rating
  • Beth Kearsley

    Awesome festival and a great opportunity for student filmmakers to get their work out there during difficult times! The website was very professional, communication was top notch, and overall it was just a great experience! Thank you to the Also Sisters for such an amazing event!

    July 2020
  • This is a wonderful festival. Such a creative solution to make an online festival that everyone can enjoy! I thoroughly enjoyed participating in it.

    July 2020
  • Eduardo Ayres Soares

    Great festival. I met some incredible filmmakers through it, even being online. The communication with the filmmakers was perfect, fast, and professional. All the instructions were perfectly clear. I am looking forward to the next edition. It is a festival to keep an eye on, especially knowing the founders and their work.

    July 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks so much Eduardo! It was a pleasure to have your film be part of our program! Here is wishing you the best in what we know will be a very exciting and successful career!

  • Jordan Boge

    Alone Together Fest is a fantastic film festival. The organizers are clear in their communication and passion for student films. The process is easy and FREE. The curated online format makes for a unique experience that celebrates how every genre of film compliments each other. Can't recommend enough!

    July 2020
    Response from festival:

    Dear Jordan,
    What can we say? We were very honored and privileged to screen your film for the first time worldwide! What are great work! Thanks for allowing us to share with our audience your tremendously needed view of the world!

  • Emmelyn Redd

    This festival was amazing! The site that hosted the videos looked BEAUTIFUL and was so fun to navigate. The AlsoSisters were so kind and quick to communicate the minute I sent a question, and the social media posts did a good job of showcasing your work and making everyone feel special and acknowledged. Thank you so much!

    July 2020
    Response from festival:

    Dear Emmelyn,
    We were so lucky to share your film with our audience! We have been huge fans of your work for a while now and can't wait to see (and screen) what you make next!

    Keep up! Proud of you!