Animator, 3D and CGI artist and game developer.
The multi-talented Ali Soltanian Fard Jahromi has 8 years of experience in animation. He first started an animated series at age 8 called Lion and Tiger’s Adventures created through drawings done in Microsoft Paint which he subsequently put on his Youtube channel. After some experience in the field of animation and software required for animation he created the series Chicken the Tricky One (again on his Youtube channel) using Adobe Flash. From there he moved on to learning and creating computer artwork and CGI videos some of which can be found online on his channel.
Ali ventured into game creation and made a 3D game called Invasion Resistance with the story, design, CGI cut scenes and gameplay done entirely by Ali himself using Blender (for the design) and Unreal Engine (for the game).
In his personal life Ali has a passion for animation, CGI, 3D artwork and game development. His awareness of multiple languages and cultural issues helps him incorporate social issues and diversity into some of his animation.
Ali’s website:
Ali’s Youtube channel link:
Games Developed by Ali:
Cuboid Bouncer (for Windows and Android)
Space Resistance:
Space Survival:
Invasion Resistance 2:
Birth City
Current City
Eye Color
It is the attribute of the ignorant to accept only that which conforms to their limited understanding. Human beings have the ability to reason. Hence, we need to acquire and accept facts beyond that which is enclosed in our current way of thinking.
Dr Shahin Soltanian
Animator, 3D and CGI artist and game developer.
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