Scenario (Script) is life, more than life and only life. We are just the wind that blows the pages.
I was born in Athens at 26 Sept 1963
As the son of the director Kostas Andritsos I was brought up in the film industry.
Started working in the industry since a very young age serving it from every possible field.
At the age of 18 I started to work as a sounf assistant-boom operator of the famous Greek sound designer Argyris Lazarides.
In parallel I was studding sound design. After graduating in order to be able to work as an assistant director I enrolled in Stavrakos Film school.
Then in the Greek navy, I served running the outdoor cinema and as filming anything all the occasions.
After that period in 1990, I returned into the Greek TV as a director and script writer for the TV show in Mega Chanel “Aperitif”. Same year later on came the TV game “Time to get lucky”
Next year 1991 my first TV drama series comes up. In the new at the time TV station, ANT1. It is called “The Trast” it goes on for two seasons and in the same time it is being translated for the Spanish TVE. In this one famous Greek actors are starring such as Nikos Galanos, Tito Vandis, Athena Tsilira, Christos Parlas etc.
In 1992 comes the first ever daily TV series for Greece in ANT1 again, the “Shadow of Money”. This is being filmed only in natural sets and again famous Greek actors like Betty Valassi, Tito Vandis, Angela Gerekou, Danis Ktranidis, of the time are in.
Same year comes a TV series in ERT2 national TV Chanel. It is the second season of the “Fear”. Again the actors are famous such a as Alekos Alexandrakis, Katerina Didaskalou etc.
1993 was a milestone for me as “Galazio Diamanti” a very personal project is being produced and goes on for two seasons in ANT1 TV. “Galazio Diamanti” is an everyday TV series being filmed in indoors, outdoors also with two of the greater actors of
Greece. Andreas Barkulis and Elena Nathanael.
In 1995 Comes the “Erotas ke Pathos” for the TV Chanel MEGA.
In 1998 the film “Choris Logo”
From 1995 I teach scriptwriting, direction, production at the national IEK of Chalandri and in private IEK also.
In 2000 for a couple of years time I’m responsible in terms of writing and directions the TV show of Filmnet “Ti Paizei” in KTV
In 2002 comes the first theatre experience as I’m asked to adapt the Les Miserables by Victor Hugo to be shown in Trianon.
2004 to 2008 I’m chief editor for the “Professional Camera” magazine. I write articles about cinema equipment but also in theoretical and technical matters of cinema and broadcasting. In 2008 I visit as a guest by Sony the Hollywood studios
Years following 2010 and for a decade I write and direct for various off broadway theaters in Greece such as Gialino musiko Theatro etc.
I’m a member of the Greek theater association, the Greek directors association and the
Greek scriptwriter association.
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Scenario (Script) is life, more than life and only life. We are just the wind that blows the pages.
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