Welcome to the Ajanta-Ellora International Film Festival! Inspired by the rich cultural heritage of the Marathwada region in Maharashtra state of India, the Ajanta-Ellora International Film Festival (AIFF), formerly known as Aurangabad International Film Festival, is an annual celebration of unique films from across India and the world. Renowned Indian filmmakers, critics, artists and social workers have come together to organize this confluence of cultures offering film enthusiasts not just a chance to watch films but also an opportunity to exchange ideas, interact with eminent personalities and understand different aspects of film art.

The festival hosts an array of sections and competitions such as World Cinema, Asian Best, Indian Competition, National Award Winners, Retrospective and Short Film Competition providing the audience with a visual feast. In addition, it presents the prestigious FIPRESCI-India Jury Prize, for the 1st or the 2nd film of directors selected in Indian Competition, Asian Best and World Cinema sections. Moreover, there are Special Screenings, Seminars, Master Class and a Poster Exhibition of distinguished film personalities that contribute to making it a truly enriching experience for filmmakers and film lovers alike.

The festival’s vision is to sensitize the general public about the intricacies and profundities of film art, foster a culture of art appreciation and create an enlightened society. It also strives to provide the much-needed platform for local talents to showcase their potential through unique creations. Another crucial objective is to invoke the region’s rich cultural past and establish it as an ideal destination for film production and education.

It is the 9th edition of AIFF that has already earned its place among the top 10 film festivals in the country, a significant achievement in a relatively short span of time. Another remarkable accomplishment of the festival is the establishment of the state-of-the-art MGM School of Film Arts in the very town of Chhatrapati Sambhajinagar, which has nurtured numerous talented artists and technicians in various areas of filmmaking.

We extend a heartfelt invitation to you to join us on this incredible journey!

Come, experience and celebrate this festival of fascinating films to rejuvenate and reinvent yourself!

Padmapani Puraskar – Lifetime Achievement Award

Golden Kailash - Best Film - INR 1 Lakh,

Silver Kailash - Best Actors and Actress - INR 25,000 each

Silver Kailash - Best Script - INR 25,000

Audience Choice

Best Short Film (Marathwada) - INR 25,000 + Medal

Best Short - MGM Film School + Medal Certificate

Kindly note in particular:

Short films Call for Entries are open ONLY to Short Films from Marathwada region only. DO NO SUBMIT YOUR SHORT FILM, if you do not satisfy this sole criteria.

Films must be completed between 1st August, 2022 to 31st July, 2023 and duly authenticated by the entrant in the entry form. Authentication by any one of the following
1. CBFC Certificate 2. Release Date 3. Affidavit signed by the Producer

Read all the Rules and Regulation here: https://www.aifilmfest.in/rules-and-regulations/