We believe in the power of creative ideas and high quality production.
AIYAI Pty Ltd is a joint venture of GVKM Elephant Pictures - a leading film production and Distribution Company in South East Asia and YSA Screen Media - a pioneer in feature film creative studio in Australia creating new and innovative films.
AIYAI is produced by Kanesh Mohana Sundaram along with Vinod Mohana Sundaram. AIYAI Wrathful Soul is an English Psychological Thriller Feature Film with an International broad-spectrum appeal. It is fuelled by an original, content-rich screenplay navigated by related distinct characters and designed to be an all-round entertainer featuring some extraordinary acting performances, action, thrills, chill and scares.
Why AIYAI movie is Special?
In most horror films you will see the lead as a female or child who is inhabited by a supernatural force. In this film we have chosen a male of a south Asian background to steer away from gender norms and stereotypes, to show any human can become a victim. The journey of our protagonist has been derived from true events, therefore, logic and realism have been maintained through a linear form of storytelling. We have minimized the use of jump-scare sequences; along with avoiding horror clichés, spoon-feeding the audience, logical loopholes, repetition & unnecessary dialogues that don’t move the story forward. At the beginning of the film, the protagonist is a way in for the audience. He deals with real-word problems that the audience will relate to. Therefore, as his story shifts the audience will follow his journey as he is slowly consumed by the dark forces. Once taken over as a vehicle by the dark spirit, the protagonist fights an internal battle between the remainder of his conscious self and the power which controls him. Overpowered by the spirit, he moves towards the point of no return and loses himself gradually. To ensure truthful storytelling we minimized the use of VFX.
We used practical special effects as much as possible to ensure the believability and logic of our film. The Film delivers an important social message; Two men are involved in a drink driving incident and their intoxication misguides to cover up their mistake. This is an important reveal which is shown in the last quarter of the Film. Each Character is defined and has a distinct journey and objective. Our actors portray them with authenticity and spontaneity. Our cast guides the story along and support the protagonist’s path through the film. The relationships between the cast reflect the depth and complexities of relationships in the real world. During the traumatic scenes of the film, the audience will feel fear towards the situation however through our storytelling we have engineered it for them to also feel empathy towards these characters as the circumstances unfold. We keep the suspense surrounding the image of the ghost moving throughout the film as we give only brief glimpses & subtle clues. We don’t show a full image of the ghost-like other films do early on. We only give the audience a full picture of the ghost at the very end of the film; so, when the surprise lands with the viewer it really impacts them powerfully. The film does not contain any controversial content which may be considered unsuitable for any section of the worldwide audience. We have not touched upon religion, unlike certain films in this genre have done before. We have made sure AIYAI entertains Film fans beyond regional boundaries. AIYAI was filmed entirely on location in Queensland. It is a sunny and tropical state which is still unknown to international audiences. Our film will showcase the individuality of Australia and highlight Queensland as a filming location for international filmmakers.
"Cinema should make you forget you are sitting in a theater."
– Roman Polanski
"We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.”
― Walt Disney
We believe in the power of creative ideas and high quality production.