The International Meeting of Archaeological Film of the Mediterranean Area… and Beyond, takes place every two years and it is organised by the non profit civil company AGON, supported by the Lambrakis Foundation and archaeoly & arts online. AGON is a founding member of the European Federation of Film Festivals on Archaeology and Cultural Heritage (

The First AGON Meeting took place in 1996. During the 9 Meetings that followed, AGON has presented to his public more than 400 archaeological films from all over the world, tributes to important greek and foreign filmmakers, lectures, exhibitions, concerts and other events that complete the AGON Meetings.

The International Jury awards prizes for direction, script, photography, conceptual originality, educational film, archaeological reporting and best archaeological film.
The audience awards the public's award.

Each prize carries a sum of 1.500-3000 euros

Are accepted all kind of archaeological films, documentaries, fiction, animation, reporting, educational etc. The subject is Archaeology in its wider sense (i.e. Antiquity, Middle ages, or even Industrial archaeology), the Patrimony and the dying
Popular Art and Traditions of the Mediterranean Area and Beyond.
There will be two thematical sections: a. «The Greeks: from Agamemnon to Alexander the Great» b. «Greeks andOthers».
Only films produced after January 1st, 2010 are accepted for submission. Films that have been shown in public (in festivals, TV etc.) can participate in AGON.
The deadline for submission is November 30, 2015.

Overall Rating
  • Selini Halvadaki

    One of the most friendly and including festival environments.

    April 2017