Afrikana is a 3-day film festival based in Richmond, VA and is dedicated to showcasing high-quality, well-crafted cinematic works by people of color from around the world. We place a special focus on the global Black narrative.

We are a platform designed to celebrate and further validate Black stories, Black voices, and Black lives. We work to elevate Black culture by embracing the power of the authentic voice; creating space that heightens the awareness of international Black film, culture, and diasporic experiences.

Screener & Exhibition Formats: Filmmakers will be notified if their work is selected for festival screening / becomes an Official Selection by August 5, 2019. FilmFreeway Secure Online Screeners, Youtube or Vimeo Links are OK for submissions. No hard copy screeners will be accepted. If made an official selection of Afrikana 2018, please be ready to provide a digital screener for exhibition purposes(Pro-Res, MOV, MP4, etc all acceptable). If files are mailed in on a thumb-drive or similar physical storage device, please include pre-paid postage with your submission if devices are desired to be mailed back. Drives can be mailed in at - P.O. Box 25801 Richmond, VA 23260

Copyright & Exhibition Material: Afrikana Independent Film Festival and RVA Pan African Film Festival are not responsible for the origin of video and music content submitted by filmmakers. Legal responsibility for any copyright infringement due to questionable origin of content belongs exclusively to the submitter/filmmaker. Submitting work that does not meet legal ownership of the filmmaker will result in immediate, non-refundable disqualification from consideration.

Overall Rating
  • Thanks you so much to have supported my movie . Wish you a long way successful with your festival and see you soon maybe with a new project .
    My best regards
    Galiam Bruno Henry

    November 2020
  • Cheryle Moses

    Afrikana Independent Film Festival was excellent!

    October 2020