This year's edition of the African Women Film Festival (AWIFF) is not to celebrate women in the industry for simply being “women in the industry”, No! There is an army of excellent, bankable and marketable women doing amazing things for film and with film in Africa. The essence of the festival is to place a spotlight on those filmmakers who put in their all to create breathtaking films; but do not always get the recognition they so rightly deserve. The Kings with crowns that balance on their plaits and braids and Sceptres that stay in their delicate hands. The beautiful women behind the scenes.
The truth is many of these film making “roles” are fast losing their gender identity to become fluid enough that both men and women can flourish in whatever areas they choose to. And so, the impact women have garnered in the industry is rising in momentum; it is as if a charging bull were being geared for release to take over the film sphere. We at AWIFF choose to celebrate this.
Films for, by and about women.

- Best Feature Film
- Best Documentary
- Best Actor
- Best Film Sound
- Best Story Line
- Best Make Up Artist
- Best Screen Play
- Best Short Film
- AWIFF Trail blazer Award
- Honorary Awards

Please submit your work (documentary, short, feature, animation) featuring a strong female role in the category of director, writer, producer, editor, director of photography, or lead actress. Good luck to all, and thank you for sharing your work with us.

AWIFF 2018 is strictly focused on celebrating female film enthusiasts. ONLY FEMALE ROLE PLAYERS (Director, Actor, e.t.c.) will be considered for Awards in ALL Categories.