Film making is a virus and once infected one can only embrace it and infect others as well.
Adrian Serecut was born and raised in Romania and is currently living in England with his beautiful wife and three gorgeous girls. He has developed a love for theater in his teens when he directed a few plays in his local church and also produced and directed an episodic radio drama show with one of the radio stations in his hometown.
At 19 just after finishing high school he saw a college advert for a film directing degree at Romania's leading film school and that's when his heart started to beat faster and faster. That was his light bulb moment when he knew deep down in his heart that all he wanted to do in life was directing films. His dream was quickly shattered however, as personal circumstances didn't allow him to study some 600 km away from home.
Four years later he got a BA degree in English and Theology from his hometown University. He worked as translator in a publishing house for about two years and kept doing drama shows on a part time basis at his local radio station.
His dream of pursuing a career in film-making never died and although he lived geographically far away from any film related opportunities he eventually decided to create his own opportunities. Thus he set up a video production company which proved to be his learning environment. What better film school than learning the hard way from ones own mistakes and successes.
Fast forward 20 years later since he first saw that film school advert and the dream is more alive than ever. He has since created countless successful videos and adverts for various clients and also a few self funded short films and mini-docs.
He officially started his Director/Writer/Producer career with his short film The Smuggler filmed late 2019 in his home country and completed in 2020. The film has been recently submitted to numerous film festivals, being already officially selected in the Prague International Monthly Film Festival. The film awaits online release later in 2020.
He is currently developing other short film projects and working towards completing his first feature script early 2021.
University of Oradea, Romania
English and Theology
High School
"Emanuil Gojdu" High School, Romania
Mathematics/Physics and English
Birth Date
June 27, 1979
Birth City
Oradea, Romania
Current City
Southampton, UK
Oradea, Romania
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
Married To
Becky, Thea, Lois
Film making is a virus and once infected one can only embrace it and infect others as well.