African Women Mobile International Film Festival is a film festival dedicated to the promotion of independent filmmakers from all over the world who use their works to celebrate and promote womanhood.

OUR MISSION is to spotlight women in the society; while celebrating their unique struggles and experiences to create sheroes, role models and examples for the younger generation to emulate.

WHO CAN ATTEND? Everyone is invited. Registration guarantees attendance.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE? Men and Women filmmakers.


As we ourselves are also filmmakers and understand how hard it is to make a film, we will  select most of the submitted films that meet our guidelines and criteria as a way to appreciate the time and effort taken to create the piece of art.

1) Together with ipitchtv platform, this year, we'll be giving 5 filmmakers from this festival 1 year membership opportunity to pitch to their film ideas or projects to industry experts, secure funding for productions & build their network. 5 other outstanding filmmakers will get 3 months membership on ipitchtv.

2) All official selections will compete for recognition in the areas of:
- Best Femalecentric Film
- Best Female Director
- Best Female Actor

3) We also have the Audience Choice Category where the audience decides who goes home with:
- Best International Short film
- Best International female story
- Best African Short film
- Best African female actor
- Best impactful film

4) Every participant will be issued a certificate of participation while our independent jury reserves the rights to select our TOP 5 SDG 5 WINNERS from the screened lot.

AWARDS shall be in form of Plaques and Trophies. [non cash]. 

As an official selection of AWMIFF, you have a choice to have your film hosted on our mobile application - TDWN Media - till the next Festival.

Good luck on your submission!

- Entries must be shot and edited on a mobile device (i.e a phone or tablet)
- Participant must identify as female and be at least 16 years old at the time of submission.
- Male participants must be willing to tell femalecentric stories.
- Entries should be a minimum of 5 minutes and maximum of 10 minutes.
- Every genre except drama and horror are welcome. Give us romance, sci-fi, thrillers etc

- All entries must be female-centric (tell stories about women and girls).
- Every entry especially those in any language other than English MUST BE SUBTITLED.


Overall Rating
  • Thank you for picking my film for your fantastic film festival .I am very proud that it has done so well.

    June 2022
  • Hinna Gupta

    Thank you for encouraging me who is a first time filmmaker. I am so thrilled that my work got selected and I could screen it at this film festival. This is really special also because this is the first time that my film got screened in Africa. Thank you once again. I hope I get an opportunity to showcase my work again in future.

    March 2022
  • What an honor to have been selected to participate in the first annual event! The hospitality and responsiveness were great. Despite some needed tech improvements, this was a wonderful film festival.

    January 2022
  • Thank you so much for including "LESSONS" in such an amazing festival amongst a multitude of talented filmmakers from across the globe. It was truly an honor. Highly recommended.

    December 2021
  • Shashi Kant Ranjan

    In this festival Very good experience thynku awmiff for selecting my short film 'BHAWNA'.

    December 2021