ASSK Film Festival (AFF) is a part of The Kurdish Institute Of Copenhagen(KIC). The festival is launched in 2021 to helping and supporting Kurdish filmmakers.

ASSK Film Festival (AFF) believes the Kurdish cinema and filmmakers are an essential and prominent part of the Kurdish culture. Films and cinema help the Kurdish and foreign people to get more in touch with Kurdish culture and open new windows to understanding this beautiful unknown society. Cinema will help to transfer the culture. ASSK Film Festival (AFF) provides a platform for Kurdish and non-Kurdish filmmakers to showing their films worldwide.

The Assk Kurdish Film Festival is going to be continued in Canada this year.

The second year of the festival is scheduled to take place in October 2022 in Montréal.

To participate in this festival, all Kurdish films that have been made since 2019 and have not participated in the previous year of the festival, can submit on the FilmFreeway platform.

Also this year, the focus of the festival, as an international section called "No-War", is dedicated to the films that deal with the themes of war injuries.

The festival ends on September 25 and the awards is going to be announced.

At this year's festival(2022), we have a focus on the subject of war, entitled No-War Films.

There are two reasons for this decision.
The first reason is that the Kurds, as a nation living in different countries, have always been victims of violence and war and its aftermath throughout history. And the second reason is that given the current state of the world, we see that the issue of wars is still one of the most important issues in the world. That is why we have decided to add this focus part to our festival and attract more attention to the role of cinema in this field.
In the specific definition of No-War films, it can be said that they are the films that deal with the subject of condemning war and its effects and consequences. Whether or not there are war scenes in these films.

The rules of the films in the focus section of the festival are the same as the rules of the main part of the festival, but with this difference that films made from 2019 onwards can participate in this part.


Receive Laurel ASSK+ Certificate


Best Film of KURDS category :
The winner will receive Laurel ASSK + Certificate + Statue

Best Film of NO-WAR category :
The winner will receive Laurel ASSK + Certificate + Statue

Special Jury Award
The winner will receive Laurel ASSK+ Certificate+ Statue

All submissions should be made exclusively through FilmFreeway.

The length of the KURDS films will be up to 30 minutes (including credits). We only accept fiction, documentary, and animation (no experimental, music video, and others). All films in the KURDS category should have English subtitles. ***movies should be about Kurds and Kurdish culture .***

The length of the NO-WAR films will be up to 20 minutes (including credits). We only accept fiction, documentary, and animation (no experimental, music video, and others). All films in the NO-WAR category should have English subtitles. ***movies should be about WAR and PEACE .***

Films should be supported video formats MOV, mp4, MPEG with at least HD resolution and frame rate 24 fps, 25 fps, or 30 fps.

All themes of movies will be accepted except for pornographic, offensive, and the ones advertising violence.

Any person or any legal entity may participate regardless of nationality. There is no restriction on the number of projects registered per participant.

Every submission has to pick one main category; otherwise, it will be automatically disqualified from the selection.

Films after the 2019 completion date are eligible for submission, and if that has previously been submitted to the festival will not be accepted.

We accept only online submissions. Please provide a password if the film is password protected.

Only one film will be awarded Best Film of the category.

All films must have a photo of the director as well as their biography, and a synopsis in English, and a photo of the film. All photos should be print-quality.

Filmmaker or Sender must have full copyright and permission for a public screening of a film and any part of it. The festival is not responsible for any claims related to copyright and property rights, trademarks, financial losses, and liabilities.

Any income received from the public display of your movie (ticket sales during the public screening, advertising on websites, and revenue from sponsors or any other monetization associated with a public demonstration of a film) belongs to the film festival.

That if your film is selected, it cannot be withdrawn for any reason.

The festival reserves the right to introduce any changes in the rules and schedule of the festival, without prior notification to directors, senders, and any festival participants.

The jury may consist of professional filmmakers and creative people (writers, artists, etc.). The judge has no right to submit his movie to the competition. The judge also has no right to vote for the movies produced by their relatives. If this fact becomes known, the film will be disqualified, and the judge will be excluded.

The cost of travel and accommodation is the filmmaker's responsibility, and the festival does not cover it.

Filmmaker or Sender authorizes the festival's organization to use clips up to three minutes for promotional reasons.

Participation in the competition implies acceptance of the regulations.