Avalonia Festival began as a film festival in 2017 and has had four Live Events in addition to our web pages that honor all of our winners.

In 2019, we added Avalonia 7 Theater Festival https://filmfreeway.com/Avalonia7TheaterFestival, with our winners announced and our live event to come once we’ve been fully cleared.

Now, we are happy to add the Avalonia Photography Competition aka "APC" ; in our first year, we will start as an online festival with over 25 competitive categories, with plans to expand in subsequent seasons.

All winners will be honored with their work, bio and web-link on our website and emailed a personalized JPG award celebrating their accomplishment so that they can share their accomplishment online.

In future years, we hope to expand to include a Live Event; but for our first year, we are keeping "APC" to an online festival and keeping our entry fees extremely low!

We encourage you to check out the websites of our previous Short Film and Theater festivals, to see how we Honor, Celebrate and Promote our Winning Avalonia Artists!



The "Submitter" (usually the photographer him or herself) may enter as many categories as they wish. You may enter as many photographs "in a series" as FilmFreeway will allow per "project page" (six photos). These photographs must be the original work of the person submitting themselves or on "behalf" of a photographer the submitter is representing with their consent.

For those of you "new to FilmFreeway", you must make a profile page for yourself and a "Project page" for each of your Photographs before entering Avalonia Photography Competition.

NOTE: You may enter Black and White photographs in ANY category but we also have a Black and White photograph category SPECIFIC to Black and White photos. Use your best judgement into which category or categories to enter each of your photos. You may enter the same photography entry in more than one category or enter more than one photo project in the same category but you must pay a separate entry fee per entry.