A Night of Misfit Films Film Festival, presented by Full Figure Productions announces is fourth edition of A Night of Misfit Films Film Festival held on at Onyx Gallery, 1346 W Roosevelt St #A Phoenix Arizona 85007.
Founded by Dineta Williams-Trigg a filmmaker and actress, A Night of Misfit Films came out of a desire to see more diverse content in the Phoenix community. The festival celebrates the artistic talent of all filmmakers and artists by focusing on original content that has not been screened at other festivals.
A night of Misfit films is in association with the Lebanese Independent Film Festival - LIFF and co-directed by Gauthier-Charbel Raad and AIFF Film Festival.

Best Horror (no longer than 15 min)
Best Drama (no longer than 15 min)
Best Sci-Fi (no longer than 15 min)
Best Comedy (no longer than 15 min)
Audience Favorite (no longer than 15 min)

Overall Rating
  • Todd Redenius

    I wasn't able to attend but thought their communication and efforts to promote this event were great. I appreciated being part of the festival and hope to be part of it next year.

    December 2019
  • Mukarram Ramadan

    Thank you for including my short film in your festival!

    December 2019
  • Joan Bentosela

    Very funny and original programming. Very good communication. Very proud to have my film selected there. Many thanks!

    December 2019
  • Geechee One Films is very grateful that you played our film ITS A B$TCH BIRTHDAY. Even tho I wasnt able to go to Phoenix (I live in Charleston) the organizers is still planning to send me my swag bad and other promo event. I watched the awards part and some interviews right on live!! I will try again next year!!

    December 2019
  • The best Festival , that I am sorry I could not be at.
    Great communication. Great hospitality. Seems like a small festibal, but whit a big and great heart.
    A plus whit live screening at Facebook and Instagram

    December 2019