A Night of Misfit Films Film Festival, presented by Full Figure Productions announces the sixth edition of A Night of Misfit Films Film Festival held at High Octane Picture Studios 9096 E Bahia Dr. Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Founded by Dineta Williams-Trigg a filmmaker and actress and co-directed by Gauthier Raad, A Night of Misfit Films came out of a desire to see more diverse content in the Valley of the Sun community. The festival celebrates the artistic talent of all filmmakers and artists by focusing on original content that has not been screened at other festivals.
A Night of Misfit films is in association with the Lebanese Independent Film Festival - LIFF, WIFF - The Worldwide Independent Film festival and Fantasy Film Festival in Paris.

Best Horror (no longer than 15 min)
Best Drama (no longer than 15 min)
Best Sci-Fi (no longer than 15 min)
Best Comedy (no longer than 15 min)
Audience Favorite (no longer than 15 min)
Arizona Filmmaker Award (no longer than 15 min)

Overall Rating
  • Adam Brooks

    I cannot say enough about this festival. I won't even try. It is so fun.

    November 2021
  • Brian O'Connor

    My favorite festival by far, thank you for such a fun, lively, quirky event! It's one I'll look forward to year after year!

    August 2021
  • Brit Tobin

    I was not able to attend unfortunately due to restrictions, but I commend the communication and all of the effort put into the event especially during these ..unprecedented times. I am really disappointed we did not get to go, the entire event schedule looked like so much fun. I really appreciate my short film being selected to the festival. I will most definitely submit again! Thanks again.

    January 2021
  • Daniel abril

    I just want to say how great the festival was. It was a perfect intimate setting placed safely in this 2020-Covid World that we live in. Truly it will be a memory that I will treasure. And Dineta’s hard work did not go unnoticed. The festival was a huge success. And the connection with all the film makers made it all the worthwhile. Thank you so much for having our film, we are proud to have won Best Drama! I definitely look forward to keeping in touch.

    December 2020
  • Alex Montilla

    What a great festival. I'm so happy I got to participate and attend the event. Dineta was very helpful and communicative. I can't wait to go back!

    December 2020