ANNA MARIA are Ukrainian music duo made up of twin sisters Anna & Maria.
Singers, musicians, songwriter.
The duo write their own songs on Ukrainian, English, Russian languages.
Perfom pop, indie-pop, soul, funk.
They are called "Ukrainian Amazons".
They started singing from an early age. From their own memories - from the first minutes of life.
The audience first saw the sisters on the stage when they were 6 years old.
Theirs unique feature is singing on 20 languages.
Anna & Maria both playing guitar and piano, Maria plays drums as well.
Sister’s fans always note the special musical style of Anna Maria, strong voices, as well as unique charisma and energy, which differs from other artists.
Sisters are always share theirs energy and interact with the audience by having real jam-sessions at their performances, singing and dancing together with people.
The melding of their voices when they harmonize can be breathtaking, but the same can be said about the messages behind their songs, themes that inspire both inward introspection and selebration of live.
The sister’s work and creativity is very diverse, so with each new single and video they surprise their fans.
Always wondering what their next work will be.
In their popular video to the single “Light Up” starred Oleksander USYK - undisputed Ukrainian boxer, world champion in two weight classes, one of the greatest Ukrainian boxers of all the times.
The main message of this song is “The main fight is a fight with yourself. Try to win”.
ANNA MARIA’s lyrics tackle uneasy subjects like the freedom to be yourself and follow your own path, victory over your weaknesses, not to return evil for evil, even in pitch darkness to be a ray of light.
“I tried getting know why they steal my inner light / I’m not gonna prove them something, whether or no, I’m shining bright”.
In their latest single “Саме Ті” they masterfully combined a catchy pop-melody and philosophical meaning, that is close to every person.
In short, they deserve all the praise they receive.
ANNA MARIA performed to thousands of people all over the world (France, Italy, Ukraine, Spain, Cyprus, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Greece, Israel, Armenia, Georgia, China, Latvia etc)
Birth Date
January 15, 1988
Birth City
Current City
Kyiv, Ukraine
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