The main objective of the Aadhar Foundation is to provide a platform to the people at the grassroots level for their latent qualities as well as to provide social, educational, social awareness programs. For those creators who dream of doing something big & new, in the film industry, the Aadhar International Short Film Festival 2021 is the young & dynamic generation who strive to present their work.


Rs. 1,00,000
For 1st Prize

Rs. 51,000
For 2nd Prize

Rs. 21,000
For 3rd Prize

Rs. 11,000
For 4th Prize

✅✅Special Jury Awards🎭

National | International

Best Writer ◼ Best Director ◼ Best Actor ◼ Best Actress
Best Editor ◼ Best VFX ◼ Best DOP ◼ Best Animation
Best Dialogue ◼ Best Screenplay ◼ Best Child Actor
Best Art Director ◼ Best Make-Up ◼ Best Music
Best Sound Designer ◼ Best Costume ◼ Best Casting Director
Best Supporting Actor ◼ Best Supporting Actress ◼ Best Cinematographer

1- In order to submit a film, you must own the rights or have permission from the owner.
2- The Festival relationship will exclusively be related to the film submitter.
3- Any film that is not in English must have English subtitles.
4- All fees are Non-Refundable.
5- AADHAR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2021 will not be responsible for damaged copies.
6- Students must present a valid Student ID in order to receive our Student Discount.
7- Not all the submissions are selected for the official competition. Our Judges are free to make their own choices and no answers will be given about not selected films.
8- AADHAR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2021 can consider any film to be disqualified if the festival considers the content inappropriate. If you have any question regarding this decision you might contact us at our email address
9- Filmmakers can submit the film in multiple categories in order to become a multi-award film. Our Team may suggest the categories that are more suitable for the film to apply. Still, the decision about the selection is strictly determined by our judges' team and no selection is guaranteed.
10- A fee is required for the main category submission and also fees for additional categories. For payment structure visit (FilmFreeway website).
11- The applicants (submitters) must accept AADHAR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2021 Rules and Terms.
12- All submissions in personal categories required the name of the person and the category. You can easily send us this information in the cover letter on the FilmFreeway website.
13- Submitting your movie, you authorize AADHAR INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2021 to use, distribute and share the film poster, trailer, synopsis, and movie stills on our social media.
14- Maximum length allowed is 30 minutes.
15- The annual prize of 1,00,000 INR will be given once a year to the Best Short of the Year.