The festival pursues the following goals:
• Formation of a cultural environment, a space for creative searches, communication and training of novice cinematographers;
• Search and support of young talents in the field of cinema;
• Search and support of independent cinema figures;
• Development and popularization of the Turkic-speaking culture;

The festival will be held for 3 days: 19.10.23 - 21.10.23

First day - pre-production (Master classes on topics: team gathering, film festival recercha, script writing)
The second day - production (Master classes on the following topics: Acting, directing, cinematography)
The third day - postproduction and awarding (Master classes on the following topics: Film promotion, film criticism, search for funds for the next project)

During the festival, it is planned to hold open discussions with famous cinema figures, bloggers and directors.

Throughout the days of the festival, an exhibition of artistic productions - costumes, props and documents of cult films will be launched.

From the films of the participants, works are selected and collected in an almanac united by one idea under the direction of the director, the resulting film will be shown in different countries. The money collected from the rental of the film will go to the "debutants fund".

The fund of debutants will be distributed every year - at the pitching of the film festival.

Consent to participate was expressed:
Arman Cinema “AsiaPark”,
Kazakhfilm Film Company,
Association of Film Critics of Kazakhstan,
Turkish Film Directors Association.

The festival will be judged:
Yerzhan Zhumabekov - Chairman of the Association of Film Critics of Kazakhstan
BadPlanet - YouTube blogger - lumix ambassador
Reis Celik is the Chairman of the Turkish Film Directors Association. Winner of the Berlin Film Festival Award.
The jury list is expanding.

The winners are determined in the competition program according to the nominations:

"The best feature film";
"Best Documentary";
"Best Director";
"Best Music Video";
"Best Actor";
“Best Video ART”
"Special Prize"
The winners of the Festival are awarded with prizes-statuettes, as well as memorable gifts.

“Astana International short film festival”
The International Short Film Festival which takes place in the period from August 2023 to October 21, 2023 on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Astana.
The International Short Film Festival in Astana (hereinafter referred to as the Festival) is a screening competition of films admitted to participation by the decision of the selection committee
1.Terms and procedure of the Festival.
The Organizers determine the venue of the Festival events additionally, notifying the Festival participants in a timely manner (no later than four weeks before the event).
To participate in the festival, the organizers invite amateur and professional creative teams who have made short feature films in the period from 2022 to 2023 inclusive.
The number of accepted films from each film crew is no more than 1 work.
An exception may be made by a special decision of the selection committee.
2.The organizers of the festival.
The program of the Festival and the order of the demonstration of films are determined by the organizers. The organizers of the festival are figures of culture and arts, as well as volunteers.
3.Objectives of the festival:
- Formation of a cultural environment, a space for creative searches, communication and training of novice cinematographers;
- Search and support of young talents in the field of cinema;
- Search and support for independent cinema figures;
- Development and popularization of the Turkic-speaking culture;
4. Festival events.
Within the framework of the Festival ,:
● Screening of the main short film competition program;
● Special screenings;
● Lectures, master classes;
● Creative meetings of famous cinema figures with the audience;
● Press conferences;
● Cultural and entertainment program.
5. Requirements for Festival participants.
Any associations of film enthusiasts (both official and informal) or individuals who have filled out an Application on the Festival's website can become participants of the festival who submitted their film to the directorate.
The age of participants is from 14 years.
Films should meet the main mission of the festival and:
-carry artistic value,
-dramatic integrity,
-high-quality performance (should not offend the ear and eye),
-carry a positive moral and ethical message.
Also, the participating films should not:
-call for extremism,
-call for racism,
-offend the feelings of believers,
-call for violence against social groups or strata,
honor and dignity of a person and/or an individual.
-Do not violate the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Requirements for competitive works: DCP, codec (preferably) H.264, container — MP4, MPEG. The video resolution is preferably 1920*1080 (Full HD, 1080p), but not less than 720x576. The sound frequency is from 24 kHz and above. Audio compression in videos: MP3, WAV, AAC.
6. The procedure for submitting applications and conditions for participation in the festival.
To participate in the Festival, you must submit to the Festival Directorate an Application and a link to download the film from before September 31, 2023.
The submitted Applications are reviewed by the Directorate, which decides on participation in the competition program. The Management notifies the participants of the Festival about the decision made by the contacts specified in the questionnaire.
The list of contestants (long-list) is also published in the social Festival Instagram @AISFILMFEST 3 weeks before the start of the event. .
Films applying for inclusion in the main competition program must be submitted to the Directorate in the period up to 4.10.2023. The finalist films (short-list) will be published in the social network.Media Festival from 20.09.23 - 04.10.2023.
Films from 5 to 30 minutes are accepted for consideration and participation in the competition program.
The Directorate has the right to include films of more than 30 minutes and less than 5 minutes in the competition, if it considers that these films will decorate the competition program.
Films participating in the festival must meet its objectives (see paragraph 5 of this Regulation).
The participants of the Festival agree that the organizers use the works of the participants within the framework of the Festival, as well as personal data in the media.
Participation in the festival implies agreement with all articles of this Regulation.
7. The procedure for evaluating works.
The films of the competition program are evaluated by a jury consisting of professionals in the field of cinema. All members of the jury undertake to refrain from public statements about the competition works before the events of the official part of the Festival.
8. Criteria for evaluating works and determining winners.