THE EQUALITY INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL celebrates five years of quality selection, screening, awarding and WE PROVIDE ACCESS TO WORLDWIDE DISTRIBUTION FOR FILMMAKERS all over the world. With its awards ceremony in Northern California and Los Angeles, the festival offers screening in over six valuable networking opportunities, informative and useful workshops, an awards ceremony and direct access to distribution.

WE OFFER DIRECT DISTRIBUTION: We offer distribution for both submissions and those who are official selections through BIGSTARtv channels; for which all 15 of their channels are amongst AMAZON’s FIRE and HiSense Top 500 in the world. The founder of the festival is an international distributor and aggregation and co-owner of channel, which provides avenues to distribution. This means that filmmakers all over the world can be eligible for submission with top channels through a non-exclusive contract and receive domestic and international exposure and profit.

Winners will receive all of the following:

· Attractive trophies, plaques and cash awards for top winners
· Connections and introductions to two online television channels
· An opportunity to meet privately with agents, movie executives at the exclusive VIP reception.
· Work to be displayed on both the Equality Film Festival website and channel for one year
· Project website linkages on Equality Film Festival website
· National and international recognition and networking opportunities
· Some projects sponsors will also be asked to evaluate the entries for the 2016 Festival, and serve as a PRODUCER, which will include PROFIT SHARING and COMPENSATION

Our Awards Ceremony will host a broad array of awards and activities, to com mutate our 2nd Annual Equality Film Festival, showcase talent, and promote universal equality through the timeless and impact idiom of film making, web content and music. All judges are uniquely qualified to provide comprehensive evaluations, and the selection of our judges are done through the following; 1. Interview and recommendations, 2. Designation of genre, 3. Training and film critique education (online and/or in person), and 4. Assignment of genres.

Preliminary Evaluation Process: First, a panel of distinguished judges will evaluate each project in the preliminary phase to determine threshold requirements, artistic and cinematic value and overall story line. In this phase, the panel will evaluate whether or not the project fits the overriding criteria of the festival. Projects scoring high in the preliminary process will be ranked, rated, and recommended to the Jurors Phase for official selection and special awards.

Jurors Phase: In this phase, the Jurors will evaluate the project in the areas of artistic value, cinematography, overall story value and artistic merit. A panel of seven to nine jurors will be assigned to evaluate the final projects, which will take place in the morning portion of the festival. All final selections will be invited to the festival and be given VIP passes at the award level. Our Festivals unique because project sponsors will have the opportunity to interview with Jurors before a final selection is made before the awards ceremony.

Uniqueness of the Festival

Our festival is unique because it marries multiple entertainment disciplines, so you have the opportunity to network with music composers, production companies, filmmakers, agents, casting directors, national directors, and production lots. Also, you MAY BE SELECTED AS A PRODUCER THROUGH THE EXECUTIVE PRODUCER AWARD WHICH MEANS YOU GET TO SHARE WITH PROFIT FOR THE FOLLOWING YEAR! We are a fun group, and we promise we will introduce you to ALL the "who's who" at the festival!

We are also unique because we use a wide array of content to celebrate equality in film, to include web series, music, short films, documentaries, and additional content, which will be showcased as examples of diversity through our discipline. Thank you for your submission!

FEE WAIVERS: As a general rule TOP CONSIDERATION is ONLY extended to films and screenplays that meets the submission fee requirement. After all of the entries that met ALL of the INITIAL screening and FEE requirements are met, the committee may select up to TWO (2) fee waived submissions ten (10) days before the festival. To this, we encourage applicants to take advantage of regular submission requirements.

1. Please do not send original materials.

2. Filmmaker MUST prove ownership to be considered for Award

3. ALL SUBMISSIONS must mention what category they are applying for.

4. If your film is selected for screening, you will be asked to send us a press Kit, including: CAST, CREW and STILLS for the film, as a .jpg attachment to an e-mail.

5. Preview copies: other than online-screeners: (1 copy) of a submitted work is requested to send in form of DVD (NTSC or PAL- Region free).

6. Festival will only accept international films subtitled in English.

7. FOREIGN SUBMISSIONS must mention "Non commercial, No dollar value" in custom declaration form. 8 Equality Film Festival will not pay customs duties or fees.

8. Works in progress will NOT be accepted.

9. Fee Waivers will NOT be offered.

10. All entrants will be notified of acceptance by E-mail. Make sure your email address is valid.

11. 8 Equality Film Festival is not liable for any damage to films, videos, or publicity materials.

12. There is no limit on how many entries you may submit, but each entry must have a separate entry and entry fee.

13. All festival show times are subject to delay or change.

14. Festival does not provide travel, hotel (motel) for filmmakers

15. Awards, certificates, and prizes can be picked up at the event. If you want your prize to be shipped you must contact us directly.

16. We currently do not accept hard-copies except for DVDs requested for event screenings.