Pregones Theater in NYC presents 21 Islands International Short Film Festival a film fest that features short films from ISLAND nations, ISLAND territories and ISLAND states all around the world. We showcase short films that depict stories that express cultural, philosophical, and aesthetic preoccupations shared by island artists and audience.
Our fest also includes film and marketing workshops, conferences with filmmakers and local NYC industry professionals.

1.The following categories will be part of the showcase:
Live Action

Short films must be produced and shot on the island that is represented by a local director. Short films may be from island nations, island states or island territories.

Sending, via regular mail, a DVD-Video (Widescreen aspect ratio) and a DVD-Data with a Movie file in HDV with resolution of 1280 x 720. Video file must be QuickTime (.mp4 codec H.264). The DVD must include a printed application form and sent to : Pregones Theater Walton Ave, 71 Walton Avenue, Bronx, NY, 10451

*Shorts in low resolution will not be considered.

3.- There will be no restrictions as to themes or subjects and the maximum length will be twenty (20) minutes, including credits.

4. Films must be no older than 3 years.

5. Shorts must have English subtitles (except those in English or without lines).

6.- Short films must be submitted by the Director, Producer or Scriptwriter or by the person or organization with the legal rights over the film. Evidence of intellectual ownership shall be submitted in writing. In those cases in which the short film is submitted by a person or entity other than the Director, this person or entity will have to submit official proof that has been authorized by the Director.

By accepting to enter to this contest the participant declares that he/she/they/it has the authority and the legal capacity to participate in 21 Islands Short Film Fest and that this participation does not violate the legal rights of any person or entity. Furthermore, they agree to compensate, protect and hold harmless Pregones PRTT Theater , its employees, officers and directors and concessionaires, exempt of any and all responsibility, loss, damages or attorney’s fees, that may arise or be related to any claim as a result of neglect, error, omission or criminal/civil act in which the participant may be a part, including, but without limitations, to intellectual or other rights.

The organizers could use additional submission methods to expedite and facilitate the process.

7. With the above mentioned information, a recent photo (still) of the Director and a photogram taken from the short, both in high definition, shall be sent with its proper authorization to be published without restrictions.

8.Submission period begins August 27, 2016 and ends September 24, 2016. The festival will be celebrated December 16,17 and 18 2016.

9. All works submitted to Pregones & PRTT Theater in The Bronx and 21 Islands Short Film Fest 2016 will be included in the permanent archives of Pregones PRTT Theater . The mere participation in the contest constitute a valid legal authorization that entitles Pregones PRTT Theater to exhibit the competing short films, without limitations, in any media present or future and at any place in the world, provided due credit is given to the authors.

The non-profit nature of the Pregones PRTT Theater activities guarantees that the works submitted will be used only to advance the educational and cultural objectives of Pregones PRTT Theater.

10. Participants will be informed of the results of the competition through the Pregones PRTT Theater website (, or any other page/site created for that purpose, and announcements in the local and international press and by email.

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Overall Rating
  • Francisco Rojas

    Excellent festival, very good selection of films. Great communications.

    December 2017
  • A nice independent festival in the middle of New York. Very good communication between ourselves and the festival organisers. Will hopefully be able to attend the next time a film of mine gets selected. Definitely room for the festival to grow.

    December 2017
  • David Márquez

    Great fest, met a lot of great people. Excellent selection of works. Hope to be a part of next year edition.

    December 2016