21114 - Film fest is an annual open air festival in Novi Sad, Serbia. Tucked away in the Novo Naselje neighbourhood, this festival is loved and cherished by the local community, local and regional film makers, artists, etc.
Usually lasting 4 days, 21114 is home to new, relevant films, both short and long meter. On the first day of the festival, short meter films compete for the award "Novonaseljski zlatni čep" (Novo Naselje's Golden bottle cap), awarded by the audience.

Concept and main purpose is to promote and nurture community participation and decentralization while supporting film makers around the region.

International selection gives the audience a unique view of the events around us, as well as the opportunity to, through the eyes of foreign authors, gain a new vision of the world.

The international selection does not belong to the competitive part of the festival.

Film makers can apply to participate with their film of any genre, not longer than 30 minutes. It is important that the film was made not later than 12 months before the festival takes place. (8-11. September 2022.)

Only authors whose films have been selected will receive an e-mail by August 25.

Overall Rating
  • Heimo Aga

    Thanks for selecting "i365-21" for a screening in Serbia's most energetic, multi-cultural city—I keep fingers crossed for a sunny and warm end-of-summer weekend for all at the festival and its friendly team!

    September 2022
  • Thank you for being selected! Thanks. I'm waiting for the final decision. Italy waiting for the result :)

    September 2022
  • A very nice overall experience . I didn't have the chance to attend my short film's M.I.A screening, but i sent a dear friend that really liked the festival.

    September 2021