1st annual Hotter Than July Film, Music, and Hemp Festival was created so talented artists can showcase their talent without the worries of competition. The Hemp vendors market will allow for growers and distributors the opportunity to educate people on the health benefits and advantages of using hemp. This festival is not just for hemp vendors, this festival is for anyone that has a product to sell. This festival is about bringing people together for three days of film, music, and fun. A great ending to Independence week.

No awards or prizes will be given out. This event is about filmmakers, musicians, hemp vendors, vendors, and the community the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, enjoy some great performances, and watch some great short films under the stars.

The rules are simple. No PORN or No HATE films. Filmmakers must understand that this is an outdoor festival, so please be mindful of that. No refunds, rain date July 15th,16th,17th. Filmmakers this is a great opportunity to share those shorts that Covid had us put on the back burner.