Would you like to make a film with me?
Photographer, lives in Japan
I grew up watching the films of Quentin Tarantino and John Woo.
My dream job so far has been to shoot stills for Mads Mikkelsen and Hugh Grant, who came to Japan to promote their films. I was also able to interview Ken Foley and Galen Ross when they came to Japan in 2019 to promote Dawn of the Dead. I was also able to photograph many other actors.
Also, as a photographer, I have won prizes in domestic and international photo contests, and in 2019, I started independent film production." Mono yuuni" was screened at film festivals in Japan and "ofuda" was shot in July 2021 and screened at a horror film festival in the US just three months later in October. In addition, the film has been accepted into many other national and online film festivals, including Croatia, Belgium, South Africa, Nigeria, and Slovakia, and is still touring film festivals.
In terms of film genres, I am particularly interested in horror. I believe that this genre is not only scary but also has a deep meaning rooted in the culture of the country.
I am also interested in the film culture and filmmaking of people from other countries, and I would be happy to talk with you about it.
Short film "Mono yuuni" (2019) shooting and editing
First time director of the short horror film "ofuda" (2021)
Current City
Would you like to make a film with me?