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UFO: They are already here

"UFO: They are already here" is the first Polish documentary about UFO phenomena. The production leads the viewer through the consecutive stages of the investigation carried out by the film crew in order to determine, what really happened in Wylatowo in the years 2000-2006. Interviews with the greatest figures of the Polish ufology scene, such as Janusz Zagórski and Robert Bernatowicz shed a completely new light on the subject of UFOs in Poland. Thanks to numerous meetings with witnesses and the collection of a large amount of previously unpublished archival materials, there was created documentary, which deals with unexplained phenomena in a scientific and reliable way.
"UFO: They are already here" reveals the intrigues, conflicts, results of research and scientific experiments, which had been hiding for years by the esoteric industry. The combination of these three elements allows us to fully understand the background of physical anomalies, such as time fluctuations, decline of natural radiation or signals of unknown origin, as well as, to determine the origins of the mysterious balls of light and crop circles observed in Wylatowo.
Since the subject of widely understood unexplained phenomena causes extreme reactions, as often as not, the only people, who explore this field belong in esoteric community, which uncritically accepts almost every uncommon manifestations. Director Beata Migas decided to go beyond such narration and look at the matter of UFO objectively. She gathered extensive evidence from the Wylatowo - Polish Roswell, including scientific research, archive recordings and interviews with witnesses. All of this in combination with journalistic investigation resulted in a documentary, which deal with all the myths surrounding the UFO phenomenon in Poland once and for all. As a matter of fact that, there are no scientists who want to study this issue with conventional methods till now, it was impossible to deal officially with the subject of unexplained phenomena. Universities must not risk losing their reputation by engaging in activities balancing on the verge of pseudoscience. As a result, the only people participating in the search for truth are amateurs, who define themselves as "ufologists". During the production, film crew immerged into the Polish esoteric industry and revealed the surprising connections between New Age philosophy and UFO phenomena.

  • Beata Migas
  • Beata Migas
  • Beata Migas
  • Janusz Zagórski
    Key Cast
  • Robert Bernatowicz
    Key Cast
  • Maria Szpulecka
    Key Cast
  • Jan Szymański
    Key Cast
  • Piotr Kłos
    Director of Photography
  • Beata Migas
    Editor & Colorist
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    UFO: Oni już tu są
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  • Genres:
    Documentary, Investigative
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 10 minutes 29 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    October 1, 2022
  • Production Budget:
    10,000 EUR
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    Country: Poland
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Director Biography - Beata Migas

Film Director, Producer and Founder of Haddock Entertainment Film Company.
Beata acquired a comprehensive education both in Poland and Serbia. In 2019, she obtained the degree of Master of Engineering in Ecological Sources of Energy course at the AGH University in Cracow. The same year, she graduated from Film School in Belgrade (Serbia).
Beata has been dealing with cinematography for years; writing screenplays, shooting and producing movies that draw social and existential topics out. Not without reason, the motto of Haddock Entertainment is: "to shape the matter into soul touching content".
In 2018, she directed and produced psychological movie "Study of smog", which broaches the subject of air pollution in Cracow and its influence on people's minds. 2 years later, "Republic of Silesia" was released. Due to social significance, her documentary on the first world's civil experiment aiming to create the new civilization of free people at the territory of Polish Silesia brought a lot of attention.
Beata last documentary production „UFO: They are already here” tells the story of the biggest ufological phenomena, that have been happening every summer over the period 2000-2006 in Polish village – Wylatowo. The movie won 5 awards in various categories at international film festivals. In 2022, Beata published her own e-book „Islandówki”, which poses a collection of adventure, Icelandic stories, she experienced while living in the mobile base in the Land of Fire and Ice. Publication became the viral hit of Polish internet.

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