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A pitch to ease Southern California automobile traffic through advertising increased use of public transportation:

Imagine how much worse traffic in NYC, Chicago or even San Francisco would be if large numbers of travelers where not packing those city's trains and buses. The infrastructure already exist to move Los Angeles area drivers in more efficient, less expensive ground transportation modes. What we need now is a major advertising campaign.

Already in conversation with Metro, full-time LA actor and part-time entertainment producer Phillip E. Walker vows to use his ever growing celebrity status to become the extremely well known spokesperson advocating SoCal's increased use of public transportation through PSA's, print ads, live educational presentations, etc.

Needed to make his plan work are strong collaborators in all aspects of media production creation, as well as in marketing.

If Hollywood can sell eight versions of "Fast & Furious", it can surely sell one of our only currently available answers to gridlock!

  • Phillip E. Walker
    "Can I Speak For You Brother?" history of Black leaders one man play which has performed internationally and at least twice in every United State.
  • Phillip E. Walker
    "Entry Level Acting in LA 2016: A hands-on, new actor full-time employment workbook" which was launched April 11, 2016 at Grauman's Egyptian Theater
  • Phillip E. Walker
    “Black Film Festival Reports” a new monthly blog making in-depth, on location best practices reviews of the world’s many Black film festivals. So far Reported upon is Las Vegas Black Film Festival and 70th Festival de Cannes 2017 Short Film Corner. Upcoming is Boston’s Roxbury, Cayman Islands, National Black Theatre Festival Film Fest, St. Louis Black, California’s Black Underground FilmFest, Sundance, Pan African and Hollywood Black
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Writer Biography - Phillip E. Walker, Phillip E. Walker, Phillip E. Walker

As a performer, writer, producer and high level grass roots marketer, Phillip Eugene Walker has experienced a storied more than half century career in entertainment. This African American Drama Company Founding Artistic Director has served as Associate Producer for two (2) Hollywood short films in which he also stars (the comedy "Lew's Up First" and the student drama "Darkroom"). As well, Phillip E. Walker has won awards for his poetry plus has written several professional articles and fully mounted plays, in addition to having had two (2) books published. Currently Walker serves as the Executive Producer who is developing an Inland Empire 48 Hour Film Project production team that will create a short film about SoCal public transportation.

Further, wildly successful in only its first year of existence, PhilE's short film marketing program includes:,, and more.

Finally, Phillip Walker’s "Day Job" has been to act in nearly four hundred (400) different productions since moving to LA in October 2014.

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