Kintsugi - The Line Of Destiny

A film directed by Alan Grimandi and Viviana Puello.

Is it too late to change the future of our planet?

“Kintsugi - The Line Of Destiny” is a stunning documentary that takes viewers to the most remarkable places on earth. Filmed in Morocco and Italy, with no shortage of incredible views, the film features the touching lifestyle of the Berber people who live in the Sahara desert and the Atlas mountains, who turn to natural resources as their only source of livelihood.

Narrated by Viviana Puello, with a profound and inspiring message, the viewer will be blown away by stunning images and breathtaking scenery. Offering alarming but also forward-looking information, the movie is a reminder that any positive change begins in the most intimate place: our heart.

  • Alan Grimandi
    The ArtTour International Show
  • Viviana Puello-Grimandi
    The ArtTour International Show
  • Viviana Puello-Grimandi
    ArtTour International Magazine, Just Be Inspired
  • Alan Grimandi, Viviana Puello-Grimandi
  • Viviana Puello-Grimandi
    Key Cast
  • Carlan Robinson
    Key Cast
    "Spirit Guide"
  • Rashid
    Key Cast
  • Amed
    Key Cast
    "Camel Rider"
  • Massimo Grimandi
    Key Cast
  • Massimiliano Tracci
    Key Cast
    "Boy "
  • Federico Tracci
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    "Boy 2"
  • Mattia Tracci
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    "Boy 3"
  • Jill Love
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    "Girl on TV"
  • Ed Moret
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    "Man on TV"
  • Giusi Indelicato
  • Viviana Puello
  • “Believe In Your Dreams” by Miroslav Marsik
  • “Douduk” by Lousnak
  • “Different Futures” by Goodnews Tunes
  • “Sunset Huess” by Swan Productions
  • Project Type:
    Documentary, Short
  • Genres:
    Documentary, Short
  • Runtime:
    30 minutes
  • Completion Date:
    November 15, 2017
  • Production Budget:
    20,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Country of Filming:
    Italy, Morocco
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
  • New York Film Awards
    New York
    United States
    January 25, 2018
    "Best Documentary" Award
  • Los Angeles Film Awards
    Los Angeles
    United States
    Top Documentary Award
  • Top Shorts Online Film Festival

    "Best First Time Film Director" - Award
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Director Biography - Alan Grimandi, Viviana Puello-Grimandi

Alan Grimandi
Director of the ArtTour International TV Show and the Magazine Video and Graphic Department. Grimandi introduced himself to the art world at an early age and stumbled upon an artistic career that has brought him significant accomplishments. Initially, from Ferrara, Italy, is also the co-founder of the Vivid Arts Network, a very prestigious and renown international art organization that serves as a platform for professional and emerging artists looking to receive international exposure.

As the Director of the Arttour International Show, Alan keeps on top of the latest technology to create professional state-of-the-art productions and broadcasts with the best quality. Grimandi travels with his team to produce the “Art 2 Heart” Interviews with artists and personalities offering a global platform for artists, galleries, and creative individuals.

On his first project as a filmmaker, Grimandi's experience and creativity came together to produce a magnificent short film that has gained him acclaim by critics in the industry.

Viviana Puello
Colombo-American internationally-acclaimed artist, curator, painter, writer and activist, Viviana Puello is highly recognized for her active role promoting the arts globally.  Author of the inspirational book for creative minds “Just Be Inspired”, Puello has most recently receive the title of Honorary Member and the Medal of Honor by the National Academy of Fine Arts in Brazil, for her relevant contribution to fine arts and culture with her work with ArtTour International Magazine and the Vivid Arts Network.

In 2011, Viviana founded ArtTourInternational Magazine; with the help of her creative team, the first issue of the magazine was published in December 2011 and distributed to fifteen hundred readers. Today, ArtTour International Magazine has over 2 million readers and is present in over 64 countries.

After founding ArtTour International Magazine and seeing its great success, Viviana founded the ATIM Web TV Channel where she uses her past experience in journalism and communications to expose contemporary artists through the live broadcasting of events and the “Art 2 Heart” interviews she does while traveling with her team.

Viviana Puello started her career as an artist in her native Colombia at a very early age. She emigrated to the US at the age of 14. Her works were initially inspired by Colombian artists whom she looked up to like Fernando Botero and Alejandro Obregon. Puello is collected internationally and has premiered in film, television, and theatre. Puello enjoys painting, writing, traveling and, in her spare time, working on her farm in Italy where she can enjoy quiet respites in between her trips.

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Director Statement

From the Arctic to Africa, the Earth is feeling the effects of climate change. The environment is deteriorating. The ocean, the earth, and the air are suffering a process of degradation with unpredictable consequences.The exploitation of natural resources has caused deforestation, desertification, oil depletion, greenhouse gas increase, extreme energy, water pollution, the extinction of species, the list goes on.
At the center of green innovations are the spirit of individuals who are taking a stand to impact global consciousness, they are the pillars of sustainable development. Artists For A Green Planet is a network of individuals united to make an impact through the arts.
Kintsugi - The Line Of Destiny is a stunning documentary that takes viewers to the most remarkable places on earth. With no shortage of incredible views, the film features the touching life stories of individuals who turn to natural resources as their only source of livelihood. Narrated by Viviana Puello, this film reminds us that any solution begins in the most intimate place: our heart.
We hope that “Kintsugi - The Line Of Destiny” will inspire you to choose an eco-friendly lifestyle with a high degree of ecological integrity. Join us today in our work for an environmentally, economically, and culturally restored planet.