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After the Philippine President grants his citizens the ability to take the law into their own hands, a young mother’s life descends into chaos, when her husband talks her into assassinating drug dealers.


Aimee is a young woman, living in a Philippine shantytown, with her husband and two young children. Her community, wrought with poverty, is in the throws of a terrible drug epidemic, centered around a powerful methamphetamine, known as Shabu. Her husband, Jeff Ryan, a retired American veteran, supports his family by working as a contract killer, assassinating drug dealers.

When a hit is ordered on a target, that only a woman can get close enough to take out, Jeff Ryan turns to the only woman he knows... his wife. Aimee, disgusted by the things that she sees happening in her community, agrees to perform the hit. After the job is finished, Aimee carries out an unsanctioned hit, taking out a ruthless drug dealer, whom she had repeatedly seen, brutalizing her helpless neighbor. This causes Aimee's family to become the targets of a powerful criminal organization, bent on revenge, and the only way that she can save them, is to win, what will prove to be, the fight of her life.

  • Judah Ray
    Roll with the Punches, Not Today Satan, Ruff N Tumble Night, Pot Shop
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Writer Biography - Judah Ray

In 1994, at only sixteen, Judah Ray introduced himself to the entertainment world, by producing his first concert event; a show which ended up drawing thousands of people. From the beginning, he has defined himself as a true visionary. One of the originators of the Southern California EDM scene, he has worked alongside such legends as Pasquale Rotella (Insomniac), Disco Donnie (H.A.R.D.), and Jeff Ryan (Insomniac/Dreamstate), founder of Motive Events (Love Groove, 420 Festival), serving as a C.E.O, Producer, Promoter, DJ, Agent, and financier. During the apex of his career, as a special events promoter, his productions were regularly drawing crowds of well over ten thousand people. He concurrently organized, while also promoting weekly nightclubs, concerts, and special events. He was not aware at the time, but he was pioneering, what was to become a multi-million dollar industry.

Judah Ray's passion for art, also led him to explore graphic design, during the early days of Adobe. He quickly established himself as one of LA's most sought-after artists, and it was at this point, that he began shifting his creative scope, to the field of professional photography, where his talent landed him jobs with industry giants, from Nokia to

Finally, Judah Ray set his sights on the film and television industry, starting as a P.A., and then working his way into the Art Department. In 2005 he produced his first feature film, One Among Us, starring James Russo (Django Unchained, Donnie Brasco, Fast Times at Ridgemont High). On set, he worked alongside Carlos Arguello (Narnia, Armageddon, Devil's Advocate, Fast and the Furious), and Gavin Alcott (Terminator 2, Ghost, Crank, Teen Wolf), and with many other seasoned veterans. "One Among Us" was distributed through Netflix, and since its' release, has become a cult classic with Horror fans worldwide. He then went on to work under Eli Samaha (Boondock Saints, The Whole 9 yards, Heist) at MGM Entertainment, where he developed ideas for remakes of many of the classic films in their vast library, such as Valley Girl, which is currently in development. During this time, he also worked at Mtv (My Own), and as an Art Director for many of Lil X's music videos, produced for superstars such as Brandy, Fabulous, Pharrell Williams.

Judah Ray had finally found his true calling. It was his destiny to be a part of the creative process that brings art to life, on screen. It was at this point that he enrolled at the Los Angeles Film School. It was here that he learned the fundamentals of filmmaking and developed his passion for the artistic development of film projects. He graduated Summa Cum Laude, with a 4.0 GPA. He was the third student to ever graduate with perfect attendance and was the first Valedictorian the school has ever named. His thesis film toured festivals and was awarded, and he is now developing his own scripts into feature films and television shows, under the banner of his very own production company, A-Level Pictures. Though his years of film production, Judah has written seven feature film scripts, and twelve feature film and television treatments, many of which have won awards.

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Writer Statement

This screenplay revolves around the hardships currently faced in the Philippines, under the eccentric laws of its President, and is inspired by true events, as reported by the BBC. The story centers around a mom, who was turned into a hitwoman, her family, and the peril they face. Please take a look at the current state of the drug epidemic in the Philippines, to best understand why the police in the screenplay do not really enforce the law, and why such brazen killing happens during the story, with what seems like no repercussions. Thank you for you time! Have a wonderful read, and a fantastic day.