RuralMix Film Exhibition Call for Entries:

Looking for foreign and domestic filmmakers to participate in a week long international film exhibition. The event will be held from the 18th to the 25th of May in Rose Manor, an art space in Shunyi owned and operated by iNGO Academy as a part of their eco-aesthetic, multi-medium art exhibition. Get exposure and have your work seen by the public and industry professionals. For more information and how to register please contact @reece_scarpignato on Wechat.

Beijing Wenchuang Advertising Center

Beijing Beiguanglong Media Film and Television Culture Company International Learning Program

Expected media coverage:
Xinhua News Agency

China News Service
Phoenix Network Baidu
Yiren Network

Qianli Liangshan

Southeast Satellite TV

Dongsen News Network

(Other coverage is being discussed)

All entries must meet the following requirements:
- Fit with the theme and message of the RuralHouse Exhibition.
- Have a runtime less than 45 minutes in length.
- English language films must be accompanied by Chinese subtitles, Chinese Language films must be accompanied by English subtitles, and all other foreign language films must be accompanied by English and Chinese subtitles.
- No pornographic, exceptionally violent, politically sensitive, or otherwise offensive works will be permitted.