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Represented by BMG Models & Talent plus Me2Management, Phillip E. Walker is one of Hollywood’s most prolific new to Town entertainers. Latest video links at

Theatrically during the last year, PhilE shot co-starring TV roles for: Marvel’s “Legion” opposite Dan Stevens, HBO’s “Sharp Objects” opposite Amy Adams, as the lead’s father in John Singleton’s “Snowfall” plus as a “Tim & Eric’s Bedtime Stories” comic co-star. Also in the past year his new film starring role releases have been in Andre Campbell’s “Twinkies And Root Beer” Kindness Activity short movie and Andre’s Abbott & Costello homage comedy “Lew’s Up First”, Ron Duncan’s “The Hip-Hop Kid” Black History Month petite motion picture plus he shot a guest-starring role in Ryan Stevens’ “Moon Garden” feature film.

Further, Mr. Walker’s most successful starring role to date is in the multi award winning “Darkroom” movie. This Dysfunctional Family Thriller was released at the 70th Festival de Cannes 2017 Short Film Corner, en route to more than thirty-five (35+) film festival selections including the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and Hollywood’s TCL Chinese 6 Theatre. Produced & marketed by http://Entertainer.Academy, David Schell’s CSU-LB junior student assignment screened on five continents during its first quarter year of release.

In addition to shooting for Nike, State Farm Insurance and Jimmy John’s, to name a few commercial spots from the past year, Phillip now airs in Europe & Russia as the “Heineken 0.0“ commercial ping pong playing Athlete principal actor who paired up to shot solo with “La La Land’s” OSCAR winning cinematographer Linus Sandgren.

February 2017 was highlighted by the 89th Academy Awards presentations opening with Justin Timberlake flanked by dancers busting #Do The Philip moves.

During the prior January alone Walker’s credits included:

1. Having spoke in the ABC-TV “To Tell The Truth” 2nd season premiere promotional commercial hosted by two (2) time Emmy nominee Anthony Anderson, Phil appeared therein as a Barney the Purple Dinosaur impostor in the 1-29-17 airing episode #207.

2. First airing on 2017’s Friday the 13th, Phil Walker was a guest-star in Discovery ID-TV’s “Wives With Knives - Shear Rage” episode.

3. Then Phillip Walker ended January 2017 as a featured Big Sean dancer on NBC-TV’s “Ellen DeGeneres Show”.

Finally, this “Entry Level Acting in LA” author, “Hollywood Actor Jobs” lecturer and “Entering Hollywood ACTOR INTENSIVE 13 Day Residency” talent employment Sherpa’s one-man history of Black leader’s play, “Can I Speak For You Brother?”, has toured internationally and played at least twice in every United State.

  • Phillip E. Walker was employed in more than five hundred (500+) different Hollywood film & video productions during his first three and one half (3 1/2) LA years including James Franco’s 2018 Golden Globe & Critic’s Choice award winning “The Disaster Artist”. Having acted in at least one commercial, industrial, promotional type shoot every month since June of 2015, PhilE has acted and/or danced in 77 music videos including “UpTown Funk” and the starring role in Skx’s “Weekend Superstars”.
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    United States
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  • Following a residency where he completed his University of California-Davis Master of Fine Arts terminal degree in Acting as a Collective Member of the TONY Award winning San Francisco Mime Troupe, Phillip E. Walker is the official music video florist principal dancer for Justin Timberlake’s DreamWorks “Trolls” movie theme song “Can’t Stop The Feeling!”. This work was nominated for OSCAR & Golden Globe awards plus won: a Grammy, was the People’s Choice Favorite Song, the iHEART Radio Song of the Year and much, much more. Further, being a background actor therein, Phil’s “La La Land” had a historic Golden Globe Awards sweep, won six (6) Academy Awards plus many more accolades. Lastly, Mr. Walker annually honors positive Hollywood work environments through his Ten Top PhilE Awards.
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Former SAG, now Fi-Core talent Phillip E. Walker has performed for more than a half century.

Since Phil’s homeless man character is now one of his acting specialities (pictured), Jonathan Dassonville’s “MR. WISH” will be Phillip's seminal work on that subject. With https://Entertainer.Academy as a producer, the Film will be released in 2019. https:/

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PhilE loves acting full-time in Hollywood!