Tünde Tálas is an award-winning documentary film director.
Winner of no less than eight (8) awards including two Hollywood awards, the Golden Galaxy Award from Virgin Spring Cinefest, the Golden Valley Global Cinefest and the Tripvill International Film Festival in Calcutta, India. Receiving awards for Best Director for her film DAUGHTER OF THE REVOLUTION, Best Documentary Film in a Foreign Language, Best Director, first-time female film director Tünde Tálas was born in Debrecen and grew up on a farm in northeastern Hungary. She moved to the capital to attend the University of Budapest. After taking a degree in Sociology she began a career as a journalist; eventually her career focused on television with an affinity to making documentaries. Her greatest success thus far as a screenwriter and a director has been her documentary DAUGHTER OF THE REVOLUTION (2017) which won two awards from the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards and from Virgin Springs Cinefest in Kolkata (Calcutta) India. She has won two more prestigious prizes – Award of Merit (Special Mention) in the “Feature” category and another Award of Merit in the “Narration-Voice Over Talent” category (Peter Hargitai as narrator) from The Impact DOCS Awards Competition. In winning an Impact DOCS award, Tünde Tálas joins the ranks of other high-profile winners of this internationally respected award including the Oscar winning director Louie Psihoyos and Emmy Award winner Gerald Rafshoon for Endless Corridors narrated by Oscar winner Jeremy Irons.
She has also won a Gold Award for narration from the International Independent Film Festival and "Exceptional Merit" from Docs Without Borders Film Festival in 2018. Her documentary was a selection at the Miami Independent Documentary Festival (2017) and was screened at the University of Tampa, Western Washington University, Christopher Newport University, Cleveland, Calcutta and Hollywood.
Education: University of Budapest (ELTE) Sociology
1998-2002: Hungarian Television (MTV) Editor/Director, “Háló”(The Net) documentary program
1999-2002: Hungarian Television (MTV) Editor/Director, Tolerance Award winning documentary: “Théma”(Theme)
2003: Director, “Le Bus 38”(No. 38 Bus in Paris) documentary 50’
2003-2004: Duna Television, Director, “Szertelenül”(Inordinate) television program
2003: Duna Television, Director, “Sulifelejtő”(The Truant), young adult documentary 50’
2003-2010: Hungarian Television (MTV) Director, “Fogadóóra”(Parent-Teacher Conference), educational series
2004: Director, “The Dohány Street Synagogue in Budapest” documentary 50’
2005: TV5 French Channel: “Toutes Les Télés Du Monde: La Hongrie,” Director, Hungarian version
2005-2006: Director, “Kultúrház”(Culture House) television program
2005- 2007: Hungarian Television (MTV), Director, Two-time winner of the Kamera Hungária Award: “Dob+Basszus”(Drum+Bass)
2008: Hungarian Television (MTV), Director, “Lévai Kislexikon”(Little Lévai Lexicon) television program
2008-2009: Hungarian Television (MTV), Director, “Hétmérföld”(Seven Miles), program about Hungarians living abroad
2009-2010: Tvpaprika, Editor/Director, “Bocsánat lenni francia”(Sorry for Being French), “Christophe és vendégei”(Cristophe and his Guests), “Cristophe in Provence”(Cristoph in Provence) television series
2011: M2 Television, Editor-in-Chief, “Arcok a Médiában”(Faces in the Media”), an equal opportunity documentary
2012: Director, “Munkácsy Életút I-II”(Munkácsy’s Life Journey I-II), documentary about the life of painter Mihály Munkácsy
2013: Budapestvideo.hu, Editor-in-Chief, Newsportal for the City of Budapest website
2016: Bocskai Rádio, Editor/Director, “Történelem Dióhéjban: Bocskai Rádio”(History in a Nutshell: Bocskai Radio.” The Program won 1st Place in the 2016 Rádiós Korrektúra Competition in the Magazine Program category
2016: Director, “A forradalom lánya”(Daughter of the Revolution) documentary
Daughter of the Revolution
Virgin Spring Film Cinefest
Director Award
Daughter of the Revolution
Award Winner
Award Winner
Daughter of the Revolution
Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards
ELTE University of Budapest
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Tunde Talas has also written and co-directed with Andras Suranyi a radio play "A Forradalom lanya" based on Peter Hargitai's 2006 novel "Daughter of the Revolution." Its 10-part broadcast will premiere on Bocskai Radio The Voice of Hungary starting 28 April 2018.
"I try to find what is truly human in humanity and the humane in man's inhumanity."
Tünde Tálas is an award-winning documentary film director.