We have the ability and the vision to be part of something bigger than our selves
I am Ssebata Paul, Electrical Technician, and a film Maker.
I started film making in 2008 but since i did not have any experience in it, i decided to take a self training using Youtube and later in 2014 i went to Turkey for some trainings on acting and film making.
2008 is when i founded a name KPM Entertainment (King Paul media Entertainment Uganda)
its a community based organization found in Jinja Uganda
We are a community initiative that harnesses the untapped
talents of youth to turn them into shining icons that will influence
future communities with their talent as responsible citizens. We
have been in the event and entertainment business for several
years and aims to become a leading school and entertainment
company through Excellence, creativity, Innovative and trend
focused service.
Being the forerunner, KPM Entertainment has the innovation and
creativity to meet the high standard of today’s entertainment
needs and always strive to stay on the top providing our Actors
with quality training, efficient skills and orientation.
We are more than just a C.B.O, but a full-service Movie Production
dedicated to producing exceptional content and additional
services in order to ensure that each video we produce is smart,
engaging, and achieves its purpose.
It’s over 12 years ever since we started, and it seems to be too
long for people to make it in business when building something
for over 10 years, but the question is why should we spend 40-50
years in a job working for a boss and stay brock our whole life.
We had a humble beginning with the aim of becoming film
makers and build KPM to live for the next 100 years plus.
From an idea to something bigger, we now have the ability to
create any movie scenery,
teach actors to act realistically.
For over 12 years now, We are more skilled when it comes to
script writing, directing, shooting, and post production, where
we go deep from premier pro to aftereffects and also more
deeper in both motion graphics and 3D modeling using blender
3D modeling software.
Our motto is “Be part of something bigger than yourself” and
the slogan is “ we have the ability and the vision”
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January 5, 1982
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I'm not a master; I'm just a hard-working filmmaker. I would like everyone to see me as a friend rather than a master
We have the ability and the vision to be part of something bigger than our selves
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Résumé & Attachments