Born in 1963. Graduated from the film director’s department of the State Institute of Theatre and cinema in 1985. Worked at the Olexander Dovzhenko State Film Studio in Kyiv, various governmental and non-governmental film and video studios.
Shot a number of feature shorts, documentaries, ecological and promo films and musical video clips. He is member of the Ukrainian Filmmakers Union.
His short feature movies and documentaries participated at the programs at the Ukrainian and international festivals:
1990: “From the comrade Gruzilov`s remarkable life” (20 min.) – Diploma of the “Molodist-90” Film Festival (Kyiv, Ukraine, 1990);
1991: “The frenzy”(26 min.) – participation at the program of the Ukrainian-French short Film Festival (1992, Kyiv, Ukraine); KINOFORUM (Yalta, Ukraine, 1994); “Molodist-93” (Kyiv, Ukraine, 1993); film program at the Youth Festival VYVYKH-92 (Lviv, Ukraine, 1992); at the program of the Ukrainian Young Filmmakers Unit in Canada (1992);
1993: “Sacura has faded in my garden, you are passing me by again…” (30 min.) – Award of the IFF in Potsdam (Germany, 1995); participation at the IFF “Molodist-94” (Kyiv, Ukraine, 1994) and MEDIAWAVE-96 (Gyor, Hungary, 1996);
2001: “Painting”, documentary (20 min.) – participation at the programs of International Film Festival of Films on Art (Montreal, Canada, 2003) and ARTECINEMA (Naples, Italy, 2003) and others.
2012: - «Mission: freedom», documentary (53 min.)
2014: “Hollywood on the Dnieper. Dreams from Atlantis” documentary, (89 min.)
“Olexander Dovzhenko National Film Studio.1928-1998. Catalogue”, Kyiv, 1998;
L.Bryukhovenska. “Hidden films. Ukrainian cinema of the 1990-th”, Kyiv, 2003.
«Essays from the Ukrainian cinema history», Kyiv, 2006;
«Music in Ukrainian movies», Kyiv, 2009;
«Olexander Dovzhenko National Film Studio.1928-2011. Catalogue», Kyiv, 2011
In 1996 Oleg Chorny and Gennady Khmaruk has founded the non-profit creative unit “SAMPLED PICTURES”.
A number of videos created by “SAMPLED PICTURES” were presented at the various film and video festivals, exhibitions and club screenings.
“FON” – Circles of Confusion (Berlin, Germany, 1998); “Open night” (Kyiv, Ukraine, 1998); “Molodist-99” (Kyiv, Ukraine, 1999);
“TV SNOW” – Mix Move (Paris, France, 1998); Transat Video (Can, France, 1998);
“FON.AKT 6” - Trans Musicale (Rennes, France, 1999); WOX (Paris, France, 2000);
“FON. AKT 5” – “Open night” (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2000);
“FON. AKT 3” – Bochumer International Videofestival (Bochum, Germany, 2002); Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin (Berlin, Germany, 2003); Mix`O_Matos (Poitier, France, 2003); The sweetest taboo (Leuven, Belgium, 2004) and at the programs of the Rencontres Internationales Paris/Berlin in Caracas (Venezuela) and Abu-Dhabi (UAE) in 2006.
“Bolero Mushroom” – exhibition “ATOMICA making the invisible visible” (New York, USA, 2005);
“The first karaoke” – Crimstad International Short Film festival (Crimstad, Norway, 2005); Rencontres Paris/Berlin (Paris, France, 2005), Rio De Janeiro International Short Film Festival (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 2005); “Open night” (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2005), Kurye International video festival (Turkey, June, 2009);
“Visionforum” (Gallery Verkstad, Norrkoping, Sweden, 2010); NYC (New York,
USA, 2011), Cine Martiko (2011, Belgium);
“Media project Scream” – National Art Museum of Ukraine (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2009);
“Olexa Hirny Stairs” – Actual Art Week (Lviv, Ukraine, 2012), Cologne OFF Videoart Festival 2013 (Vilnius, Lithuania, 2013); Art-Forum (Kyiv, Ukraine, 2014); screening in the Council of Europe (Strasbourg, France, 2014)
“Sampled Pictures” has edited the presentation reel for the Ukrainian exhibition at the Venice Biennale 2005 (artist Mykola Babak).
In 2007 created video for the stage play “Woman from the past” in Kyiv Theatre “VILNA SCENA” (director Dmytro Bogomazov), awarded by the “Kyiv Pectoral Theatre Award” in the nominations “The best chamber show” and “The best directors work”.
In 2014 created a video for the stage play “Living Dead” by L.Tolstoy in Ivan Franko State Theatre in Kyiv (with Andriy Korotaevsky)
Award: Best Use of Footage in a Short Form Production
The Tree
FOCAL International Awards 2020
Laureate III Prix International Program Short-length Documentary Film
Rivne International Film Festival "Dream City"
Spotlight Gold Award
Spotlight Documentary Film Award
High School
Kyiv State Institute of Theatre and Cinema
Birth Date
February 9, 1963
Oleg Chorny
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Current City
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