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My Journey: Finding Watersprings

Four young people; Chinta, Cindy, Tasya and Celine intend to fill their holidays with friends drove from New York named Lucas who are interested in the environment, especially the watersprings. They are desperate to roam the wilds find a spring that allegedly are increasingly rare because of the development of civilization.

Accidentally escape from the guard, five teenagers were trying to rely on their instincts in to the wild. Many lessons and experiences they get, including when I had to struggle to prevent fires caused by negligence travelers. Fortunately in bad situation, the driver at the same time their guide, a man named Heronimus from Flores, appears to provide help. Along the way later, they met with several leaders who then help their quest for the water springs. Ki Barja, a villager who devote themselves to maintaining the forest, Maya and her team, activists, researchers insect dragonfly is an indicator for the purity of the water and in the end they stop at the traditional village, met Chinta Grandma "Bunda Ully" together with the volunteers who have been struggling preserve the environment and indigenous peoples.

Together then they try to find a water springs that was really pure and unspoiled. But as it has been equally known from the beginning. Finding the water springs as it was so difficult. But their search relieved when they reached a pond, where dozens of springs comes down there. The lake that they reflect on how hard the challenge for humanity to deal with themselves that is increasingly greedy destroy nature and water springs.

This trip has given the teenagers a very valuable lesson, or at least be a good start to begin to devote awareness on what had been so important and valuable to the human race, which nature has bestowed with abundant ... Watersprings.

  • Joko Nugroho
    Caleg By Accident
  • Joko Nugroho
    Caleg By Accident
  • Didit Saad
    Music Director
    Realita Cinta & Rock 'N Roll
  • Fahmy J. Saad
    Jenderal Kancil, Madre, Laskar Pelangi 2, Haji Backpacker, Wa'alaikumussalam Paris
  • Fauzi
    Art Director
    Tendangan Dari Langit, Tanda Tanya
  • Haris F. Syah
  • Khikmawan Santosa
    Sound Designer
  • Syaft Daultsyah
    Sound Recordist
    Rumah Maida, Tanda Tanya
  • Arief Fatkhur
  • Andy Andriano
    Still Photo
  • Fauzi Saad
  • Elsa Sigar
    Co Producer
  • Ully Sigar Rusady
    Executive Producer
  • Mayke Rusady
    Associate Producers
  • Ricky Rusady
    Associate Producers
  • B'tari Chinta
    Key Cast
  • Christopher V. Warren
    Key Cast
  • Celine Wahyudi
    Key Cast
  • Cindy Celine
    Key Cast
  • Dwi Tasya Septiani
    Key Cast
    Rumah Tanpa Jendela
  • Paramitha Rusady
    Key Cast
    Catatan Si Boy, Kabayan saba Kota, Ketika Bung di Ende
  • Ully Sigar Rusady
    Key Cast
  • Egi Fedly
    Key Cast
    Guru Bangsa : Tjokroaminoto, Hantu Pohon Boneka, Puber, Fiksi
  • Godfred Orindeod
    Key Cast
    The Raid
  • Martina Tesela
    Key Cast
    Loe Gue End, Aku Cinta Kamu
  • Project Title (Original Language):
    My Journey: Mencari Mata Air
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    1 hour 35 minutes 3 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 11, 2016
  • Production Budget:
    230,000 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Joko Nugroho

Writer (6 credits)
2016 My Journey: Mencari Mata Air
2014 Caleg by Accident
2009 Kembang perawan (writer)
2008 Kawin kontrak lagi (writer)
2008 Kawin kontrak (screenplay)
2006 Maskot (screenplay)

Director (4 credits)
2016 My Journey: Mencari Mata Air
2014 Caleg by Accident
2010 Susah jaga keperawanan di Jakarta
2009 Kembang perawan

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