Max Chicco was born in October 1968.
Having graduated from the University of Turin in Cinema History and Criticism.
In 1994 he completed his first 16mm film, entitled “Lunedi mattina,” which was awarded the Quality Prize by the Ministry of Culture.
In 1994 he also directed a documentary, “Il Sig. Rossi prese il fucile,” produced by Palomar for Mixer, a TV program by Giovanni Minoli, and that same year he won first prize at the Torino Film Festival Spazio Italia.
In 1995, Chicco founded his own production company in Turin, Meibi, with which he has produced most of his most significant works (shorts, documentaries and a feature film).
In 2000, in collaboration with Rai Trade, he wrote and directed a virtual reality experimental program, entitled “Cartoons on the Bay,” that he filmed at the Turin Multimedia Park mixing 2D and 3D animated cartoons with live action.
In 2001 he moved to New York and attended a Filmmaking Master program at the New York Film Academy. His end-of-course short “Chocolate and Flowers” was the recipient, the following year, of the Cinecittà International Digital Award.
On 11 September 2001 he was in Manhattan and from that experience of pain and desolation stemmed "Twin Towers: an American Tragedy,” shown at the Toronto Reel World Film Fest in 2001 and distributed by the Los Angeles-based O2C company.
In New York he worked in Broadway, filming TV specials for Rai Sat, “Broadway on stage” and “Dance Step Off Broadway” (15 episodes directly from the musicals), and two documentaries on Indie cinema in New York, “Lloyd Kaufman: un tycoon a Tromaville” and “Cinema Indipendente a New York”.
In 2006, on the occasion of the Turin Olympics, he produced with Rai Sat Premium “ItalyArt: le Olimpiadi della Cultura”.
That same year, he made his debut in feature film production by directing “Saddam,” which was distributed as a home video by Millennium Storm, and shown in movie theatres with the Essai Film Certification. This film, which preceded by a few years the flood of reality shows that have now invaded our lives, relied on the collaboration of actor Frank Adonis (Raging Bulls, GoodFellas) and DP Mladen Matula.
He has collaborated with satellite channel Rai Sat Cinema, and in 2008 was chosen by Current Tv (a channel founded by Al Gore the year before) to direct a series of Pods (short portraits) which were aired on Sky 130.
In January 2013 he is selected as producer by the Biennale College with the “Yuri Esposito” project by Alessio Fava (Only 3 projects were selected out of 458) and he presented the film at the 70th Venice Film Festival, The Stockholm Film Festival and the Torino Film Festival.
With the artist/producer Simona Rapello, he presents the “Anyone but me” project by Marco Zaccarelli within the show, The Others parte Off of Contemporary Art.
In October 2016 the project “Salon Olympia – Los Hermanos del Cine” is selected by Film Commission Piemonte in order to participate in the Piedmont co-networking initiative In France.
In 2016 realised A Big Love a medium Feature film presented in many international Film Festival. It won several awards.