"#Instaboys" is a coming of age drama that follows the captivating journey of two young men, Diego and Roman, as they navigate the complexities of love, self-discovery, and friendship in the digital age. The story is set against the backdrop of social media, fashion, fast paced Miami, and the current political climate of Florida. The film seeks to capture the essence of the romantic Asian BL genre and present it within an American context.

  • Matthew Rodney Chess
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  • Matthew Chess
Writer Biography - Matthew Rodney Chess

Matthew Chess is a versatile individual who has had a diverse career journey. He started as a middle school science and technology teacher after graduating from Ohio University. Later, he worked in public access television for three years before becoming a real estate investor for two decades.
In 2017, Matthew ventured into the fashion world as a swimwear fashion designer under the brand Maris Equi. He has showcased his designs at prestigious events such as New York Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Fashion Week Columbus, and El Paso Swim and Cruise. Matthew's story reflects his adaptability and pursuit of diverse passions.

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Writer Statement

During the COVID pandemic, I stumbled upon the fascinating world of the Asian BL genre, which, as a gay man, truly captivated me. BL's focus on cuteness, romance, discovery, humor, and drama, without relying on explicit content, was a refreshing change of pace. The anticipation of "Are they gonna kiss?" rather than the typical emphasis on sex added an extra layer of intrigue.

Driven by my newfound passion, I penned #instaboys with the aim of introducing the Asian BL genre to the United States. Through this story, I hope to share the emotional and innocent narratives of BL, sparking interest and appreciation for this captivating genre among diverse audiences in the USA and around the world.