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Blind dating in the iPhone X and XXX era. Who says a mobile phone can't double as a sex toy? Boy meets girl, girl likes boy's vibrating phone, boy gets girl. [Suggestive, but not explicit, material.]

  • Alan C. Baird
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    Short Script
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    Comedy, Romance, Humor, Sexy, Blind date, Erotic, Coming-of-age
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Alan C. Baird

Alan C. Baird is the Harvard Book Prize winner who authored "facebookworm" and coauthored a print/web/wap project entitled "," which was included in the Whitney Biennial. His work has appeared in a dozen-odd anthologies and may be found in various periodicals, including Playboy, PC, and Britain's Guardian and Screenwriter. His Screenwright(R) screenplay formatter won a $3,333 cash award from Sun Microsystems, and he's written screenplays that finished in the quarters, semis and finals of various international competitions. Alan enjoys referring to himself in the third person, and was inordinately pleased when ABC-TV's "Max Headroom" series purchased his debut student film, widely hailed as "the most uncommercial piece of ____ in Michigan State's history." Born down east, he now lives just a stone's throw from Phoenix... which is fine and dandy, until the stones are thrown back.

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Writer Statement

"You've Got Words."

I met an exotic Hungarian woman online in 1996, and we wrote literally hundreds (if not thousands) of eMails to each other during the following three years. We also wrote a book and a screenplay. When Anikó flew from her home in Budapest to my place in Los Angeles for a vacation in 1999, I asked her to marry me within a couple of days. We celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary last June.

One night, we were watching an interview with writer/director Nora Ephron in the extras section of her "You've Got Mail (1998)" DVD. At one point, Nora said: "I think it's a real conceit of romantic comedies--certainly of this particular romantic comedy--that you would fall in love with someone entirely because of words. I think it's a fantasy that we would ever really fall in love with someone entirely because of the fact that they were a great writer."

Anikó and I looked at each other and burst out laughing.